Let me make this about me for a minute…

First, let me just make it clear that I would chop off my left arm if it would make J feel better. (not my right, I need it, but definitely my left.) With that in mind, I don’t really want to talk about J today. I want to talk about, well… me. And how this […]

I’m up to my ears in poop over here….

Oh. My. God. Monday came dangerously close to destroying me. Seriously. It all started on Sunday afternoon when Husband went to work. Every other Sunday he has to work from 2 -10 pm. It’s normally not a big deal but this Sunday… it was a big deal. J had an upset stomach. I didn’t think […]

Sick babies and *oooh* giveaways!

J is sick…. again. Only this time I’m pretty sure it’s not his ears. He’s miserable and was up all night. The fever means no daycare which has me thinking ahead to my trial week. I don’t know what to do to prepare in case he gets sick that week! Husband can’t miss work so […]

Family Outing Success

Last night, Husband and I took J out for a family outing. I’ll admit that I was not optimistic. J decided against his afternoon nap which had me wondering if we should even attempt leaving the house. But Husband and I had been looking forward to going out so we decided to brave it. One […]

Write for Charity

Hey all… two posts in one day. I’m on a roll! I got an email yesterday from Beth Davis at Write for Charity and she has a project I’d like to share with you all. Here’s the Press Release and then I’ll share my thoughts: Fundraisers are calling for short story and poetry submissions for […]

It’s NOT the Broadway Play…

There is a strip of land between the side of my house and my neighbor’s driveway. It’s no more than three feet wide so there’s not much going on there. Just a lot of leaves, a few bushes, and at least once a year… a brothel. Cats. From all over the neighborhood. Congregate here to… […]

Friday Faves … Another Guest Blogger Edition!

I don’t know where to start with Rebekah. She might be the funniest lady I don’t really know.  Her blog and her tweets and, when I’m lucky, her emails make me laugh so hard that people think there must be something wrong with me. She’s just that funny. Husband gets really tired of me saying […]

Update on Momma Day

My day started out … not so great. I have had a headache for the past three days and nothing I do gets rid of it. Last night I was bawling for Husband to come take J because if he made one more noise in my general direction I was quite certain my head was […]

It’s Momma Day!

I am so excited about today. Today marks the first, I hope of many, Momma Days in the Law Momma household. Husband and I discussed my need for me time and he suggested that every Thursday he would pick J up from daycare and give me the evening to do whatever I want. And, on […]

Momma Needs Reassuring… Lots of It

There are so many things I worry about now that I’m a mom. In all honesty, I was a worrier before I became a mom and I worried all the way through my pregnancy. One of my friends is an only child and his mother told me that when she was pregnant and all through […]

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