What About Bob?

Posted on | March 2, 2010 | 7 Comments

We have a pediatrician who I’ll call…. Bob. Bob came *highly* recommended by pretty much everyone we know. We never even sat down and met with him the way the books suggest because literally everyone we asked said “Go to Bob. He’s the best.”

So we went with Bob. He’s an older doctor but not older than dirt. Just a happy medium between too young to have seen anything and too old to care. We met him for the first time in the hospital and besides the fact that he had on too much cologne, we liked him. He seemed to know what he was doing and he bought me an extra day in the hospital so I was all about Bob.

Once we got J home, the trouble began. Now, granted it wasn’t Bob’s fault that J had jaundice. But, Bob didn’t really give us a lot of information on what was going on. We had to keep bundling up J at three, four, and five days old and driving him down to the clinic (where lots of nasty sick people were) to get blood drawn to check his Bilirubin levels. I had no business leaving the house because a) I was post c-section and b) I had just had a baby. The first day we had to take him in, I ended up being sent (by Husband) back to the car because I was literally hyperventilating with anger over the sick people. Once in the car, I began bawling uncontrollably and that continued for THE HOUR we had to wait to get J’s levels tested.Don’t get me started on making a four day old baby wait for an hour in a waiting room full of germs.

Needless to say, I wasn’t real happy that good old Doctor Bob couldn’t do the test at his office or at least somewhere safer than el publico hospital-o. But we made it through that. Then Dr. Bob sent us the Blue Light Special and instructed us to use it for days on end. Someone had to watch him the whole time he was in it, and he had to be in it 24 hours a day. Seriously? You want two new parents to stay up all night with a crazy blue light shining in the house? Luckily my sister and mom were in town and MIL came down to relieve them the second night. It was still pretty ugly and A LOT of coffee was needed.  Again, not really Dr. Bob’s fault, but I felt like we were sort of in the dark as to why we were doing that and when it would end.

Jump ahead to, well… now. We got through the tremor episodes with only mild irritation. I thought perhaps I was just overreacting, but it continuously peeved me that Dr. Bob always called Husband’s cell phone despite the fact that I always brought J to the doctor AND my number was local. But again, he was highly recommended so we let all that slide.

I have now had it up to my eyeballs with Dr. Bob. As you might remember, J has been sick since the beginning of February. The real frustration started with the blood red poop. I just can’t fathom how it slipped his mind to tell me that the medication he was prescribing might cause J’s poop to turn red. That seems like a pretty big deal and it certainly would have saved me from the massive coronary I had when I opened what appeared to be a diaper full of blood. That was bad enough. But it got progressively worse. When J had his double ear infection, the week after his left ear infection, Dr. Bob gave him two shots of Rocephin, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Then he started him on an oral antibiotic on Friday. The following Friday, I took J BACK to see Dr. Bob only Dr. Bob wasn’t there… so we saw Dr. Awesome. Dr. Awesome took a look in the ears and said there was still nastiness in the right ear so he thought we should do… another set of Rocephin shots. This was after searching through Dr. Bob’s records and being unable to locate the name of the drug J was currently taking. That seems like a MAJOR problem, but whatever. I wasn’t happy about the shots, but he also said that we would probably need to go see an ENT so I felt like maybe this was the best thing for J.Dr. Awesome said we should plan to see Dr. Bob on Monday to see if the shots were helping and to get a referral to an ENT. J got one shot Friday and one on Saturday. I was a little concerned on Saturday when the doctor we saw for the shot said we had to wait 20 minutes afterwards to make sure J didn’t have an allergic reaction. Um… Dr. Bob never made us wait. Should Dr. Bob have made us wait???

I took him in to see Dr. Bob yesterday. Dr. Bob looked in the ears and said there was still gunk in the right ear. He then prescribed… ANOTHER Rocephin shot. WTH is going on? My kid is six months old. How is giving him five shots of the same antibiotic in a week and a half a good idea. I know I didn’t go to medical school but come on. I ask about the ENT and Dr. Bob says he thinks that’s jumping the gun. He “hopes” the Rocephin shot will clear it up this time. He doesn’t ask us to come back later this week, just pops a shot in poor J and carries on with his day.

This time, J cried. And I mean SCREAMED bloody murder. Nothing would calm him down after that shot. He was so upset that he screamed straight through until he passed out still sniffling at 9pm. He got the shot at 3:45. Husband was storming around the house muttering something about sticking a needle in Dr. Bob and finally said he would not, under any circumstances, allow Dr. Bob to inject anything else into our son. This could pose a slight problem with immunizations and daycare, but I’ll just defer to Husband’s anger on that.

So you tell me, should we be shopping for a new doctor??? Or am I overreacting. This is a semi-small town we live in and Dr. Bob was the highest recommendation we got.

Needless to say, both Husband and I are fed up. We kind of want to wait outside Dr. Bob’s office and ambush him with several good kicks to the nut sack. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. And I can’t really think of any viable alternatives….


7 Responses to “What About Bob?”

  1. Rebekah
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

    Yes. New doctor. Stat. Dr Bob is phoning it in and that's NOT ok. Half a pediatrician's job is to take care of the parents and he's totally not doing that.

  2. mclean mama
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

    i found you a day or two ago from "rants from mommyland." i have almost commented on a few posts, but mid-sentence some kid always pooped or cried, so i got distracted. anyway.
    background on me, mom of 4 (within 5 years), wife of an er doc.
    ok. first, why is he calling your husband instead of you? that's just weird.
    if you're not comfortable with your ped or you feel like he's not as helpful as you'd like, forget the recommendations and switch, especially if husband is on board. i'm more loyal to my hair salon than i am to my kids' doctor. until your kid is old enough to take himself to the doctor, you are the patient too.
    baby's crying, gotta go. love your blog though.

  3. Cybil
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 5:42 pm

    You need a new Pediatrician ASAP! You need to be comfortable with J's doctor; you need to have confidence in his recommendations. Our pediatrician told me once that most of his job was counseling new moms (I talked to him several times a week after each child was born). Dr. Bob should be more than willing to talk to you and set your mind at ease. My suggestion is to go to Dr. Awesome, or find a different Pediatrician, and go to the ENT. There is no harm in having a specialist look at J – it is most definitely not "jumping the gun."

  4. amy
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 5:56 pm

    new ped doodah, and honestly, i haven't really liked the way he treated you from day 1.
    Your feelings and intuition are just as (if not more so) important than his "recommendations".

    and for what its worth, from an totally non-educated point of view, that is WAY too much medicine for an ear infection. A lot of peds here don't even treat them b/c so common as babies and often abx don't work etc.

  5. Caitlin
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

    New doctor time! Try dr awesome. It can't be any worse….

  6. Anonymous
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 9:24 pm

    New Doc asap! If J is having repeat ear infections go to an ENT…I waited 6-months and I mean 6-months of fighting the SAME ear infection with Rocephin shots and oral antibiotics before I went to the ENT with my little guy. Boy did I feel bad when she showed me the X-ray of his head and all the nasty infection that had built up in his ears, sinuses and adenoids. Can you visualize adenoids infected and swollen to the size of golf balls on a three-year old? I can't imagine the pain not to mention the frustration of a 30% hearing loss in each ear! I was the official Bad Mommy! Adenoids removed, tubes in and wa la no more ear infections. And he could hear, which meant he now had to listen as well!

  7. Law Momma
    March 2nd, 2010 @ 9:38 pm

    Thanks for all the comments. I called another highly recommended doctor in town and he's agreed to meet with me at lunch on Thursday just to chat. The only downside is that he went to Duke… but I can get past that. 🙂

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