Hello, Wits End, we meet again…

Posted on | March 11, 2010 | 9 Comments

On Monday morning I called the pediatrician because J was coughing all weekend on our vacation. They told me that without a fever there wasn’t much they could do for him so I should just monitor him and call if it got worse. So I called yesterday after my second night of watching him cough himself awake time and time again. He was having trouble breathing, wheezing and coughing. Dr. Bob listened to his chest and said he sounded great. WTF? How does he sound great? But whatever. Dr. Bob then looks in his ears. Yep. There’s gunk in his ear again. So we get prescription for another antibiotic and some other crap. Then, I get this gem:

“I don’t know if it’s possible or what your situation is, but J would really benefit from not being in daycare. If you could take a leave of absence or stay home… if that’s a possibility, I think he’d really be a healthier kid.”

EXCUSE ME WHILE I BASH YOUR FACE IN AND DANCE ON YOUR BROKEN SKULL YOU INSENSITIVE AND STUPID MAN. Seriously. Seriously? You think I put my kid in daycare because he’s a burden to have around the house while I pop bon bons and watch Ellen? My kid is in daycare because Husband and I work. We don’t have the ability to stay at home and care for him. We have student loan payments to make and mortgages to pay. You simply do. not. tell a working mother that her kid would be better off if she stayed home. You just don’t do it! 90% of us feel guilty about working already, jerk. So thank you very much you insensitive prick, for piling even more guilt and anxiety on my already overflowing plate. Man, I can’t wait for Lent to be over so I can voice my frustration better!

Can I catch a freaking break here?

Needless to say, I packed up my stuff and headed home to pick up my pump piece I’d left at home. I cried the whole way to my house and most of the way back to work.Some people need to think before they speak. Or, in a perfect world, lose the ability to speak altogether and also give me permission to drop kick them anytime I so choose.

On a completely different note, today marks the anniversary of a very sad event in my life. It seems even more sad to me now that I have a kid of my own. Thirteen years ago today the world lost a truly special soul in Jennifer Rae Minton. She was 18. She was my friend, my suite mate, my classmate, and most importantly my confidante. She was hit and killed by a 17 year old drunk driver while vacationing with me at Ocean Isle Beach for Spring Break. She was smart and funny and vivacious and she didn’t deserve to have her life cut short. In her honor, I’d like to direct you over to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. It’s important to support these types of organizations because if even ONE person decides to call a cab rather than getting behind the wheel of a car, a life can be saved. A life like Jennifer’s. And a life is a pretty special thing. I’ve created a fund to remember Jennifer and by donating you can help MADD continue to fight both underage drinking and drunk driving in general. Don’t just sit and think about how much it sucks… do something. Click here to donate!


9 Responses to “Hello, Wits End, we meet again…”

  1. Rebekah
    March 11th, 2010 @ 2:08 pm

    Ok, do you hear that noise? It's the sound of me putting on my ass-kicking shoes and marching over to Dr. Bob's office to BEAT HIM DOWN. He's an ass and you deserve better from a doctor.

  2. Caitie
    March 11th, 2010 @ 2:14 pm

    Okay. Time for a new doctor. This is ridiculous. You are going to need therapy after these doctor's visit if he keeps this up!

  3. Ms. Diva
    March 11th, 2010 @ 3:54 pm

    Totally time for a new doctor!!! No need to put up with that crap! Seriously!!!

  4. Cybil
    March 11th, 2010 @ 4:20 pm

    Dump Dr. Bob! DUMP HIM!

  5. JillyB
    March 11th, 2010 @ 5:08 pm

    Dr. Bob is an insensitive prick! How did you not shove a tongue depressor in his eye? Time for a new doctor and honestly I would suggest a woman. I'm NOT trying to be sexist, but one of the things I adore about my son's doc (besides the fact that she's brilliant) is she's a working mom. She gets it. It's like we're on the same team. I firmly believe that a pediatrician should not only provide stellar care for our babies, but for mommies as well. Adios Bobito Prickito!

  6. Diana
    March 11th, 2010 @ 10:20 pm

    I've decided Bob needs to die. Immediately. Please send me his information so that I may hunt him down like a wild animal and put an arrow in him.
    I know everyone hearts him (although at this point I have no idea why unless people in your town enjoy feeling like crap) but you may want to look around. Find a woman pedi that has kids – she's bound to get it because she too will be a working mom. I know, in a small town it's hard to make a switch.
    I'll be at my house looking for plane tickets if you need me. And my bow and arrow.

  7. *~Jess~*
    March 12th, 2010 @ 2:26 am

    Seriously some of these doctors are dumbasses. We went through exactly the same thing with Ava. I even forced them to do bloodwork bc certainly a healthy breastfed kid could not be this sick. I know it probably won't change J's health but for the sake of maintaining your bar license by not killing your doctor, do you think you might want to change docs?

    Re your friend. Wow how tragic. What a horrendous thing to deal with. I'm so sorry but thanks for sharing this.

  8. HarmSkills
    March 12th, 2010 @ 9:43 am

    find a new pediatrician.

  9. Mommy C
    March 13th, 2010 @ 1:09 am

    I think I would have burst into tears if our pediatrician had the balls to say that to me. The only other way I can think of to put him in his place besides leaving his practice is to go onto Angies List (or any other review site) and write him up. No new mom (whether they are going back to work or not) wants a pediatrician that would have the guts to say something like that to a mom. HUGS to you!

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