Nine Months

Posted on | May 22, 2010 | 10 Comments


My son, you are nine months old. Nine months. Where did the time go, little man? When did you go from a screaming little 7 pound lump to a playful, flirty, 21 pound chunk of a boy? I didn’t think it was possible to love you any more than I did that first time they laid you in my arms on August 22, 2009. I didn’t think it was possible that one day I would sit on my sofa, writing this post, and watching you crawl around the room babbling to yourself.  I didn’t think it was possible that one day you would hold a bottle, a spoon, your own pacifier.

You are amazing.

Do you know that? Do you know how completely amazing it is that your Mommy and Daddy created something so perfect? So adorable? So completely wonderful as you? You are everything I ever wanted in a son and so much more. You are adventurous, as evidenced by your many… MANY attempts to become a kamikaze pilot off the edge of the beds. You are funny, especially when you’re eating something you don’t particularly like and you squint your eyes at me and look like someone shoved a lemon in your mouth. You are patient, unlike your mother, because you will try so many times to get the right toy, or the right piece of food to your mouth. You are, lets be honest, a bit precocious, and no matter how many times I tell you no, you are still going to make a beeline for A.J.’s food and water bowl the minute I put you down.

You laugh like it’s your job. You fake cough to get attention. You think it is imperative that everyone in every room, ever, pays attention to you or at least tells you you are cute. You don’t like peaches which I find hysterical since we live in the Peach State. You love to hold on to my hands or daddy’s hands and pull up to a stand only to lean backwards and laugh. You think I’m pretty awesome… and I return the favor. You light up when you see Daddy and reach for him until he picks you up and swings you over his head… and then you laugh and bury your head in his shoulder. You love to be outside and to feel the wind on your face. You love bubbles but mostly when Mommy yells “POP POP POP” when you pop them.

You are… in a word… perfection. I wish I could freeze time for just a little while and keep you this size. This age. This in awe of everything around you. I can’t imagine I will love you anymore than I do right now.

But I will.

Happy nine months, Doodlebug.


10 Responses to “Nine Months”

  1. Lo
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 12:39 pm

    I love this! It's amazing how quickly they grow up = pretty soon he'll have his first words, steps, play dates, day of school, day of
    "real" school…they're all moments to treasure! And from my perspective 2-3 is the cutest age…just wait!

  2. ~*Jess*~
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

    So very sweet. The time will fly. The one thing I recommend: start get little videos of him too look back on. You'll miss that tiny voice and baby laugh. And then, when he's 4 and a "Big Boy" he will watch them and laugh at how little he was.

  3. Emily
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

    It's amazing how fast time goes by. I'm surprised every day by the new things my son has learned. Every moment is a memory!

  4. metta1313
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

    Happy 9 months J!

  5. Steph
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

    What a lovely post!! He's a lucky boy to be loved so very much!!

  6. KLZ
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

    I'm a little uncomfortable saying this….but Doodlebug is what WE call Alex. And called him while we were pregnant. I'm sure I have documentation of this somewhere to prove I'm not a stalker. Let me find it and vet it through the proper channels.

  7. D
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

    Hi! I'm a pretty new reader so I figured maybe I should introduce myself. Anyways, it seemed like my daughter changed the most between nine and ten months . . . soak it up!

    p.s. Do you not post pictures of him?

  8. Poppy
    May 23rd, 2010 @ 2:44 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post, but felt a little jealous at the same time. You are going to be so pleased that you have documented what you are feeling at this moment. When you are in the middle of it you don't think you will forget because the next stage is just as adorable. Adding to your family or pounding them down at Twitter wine parties only speeds up the dementia.

    I really enjoyed reading your post, it reminds me that my children were once sweet.

  9. Nikki
    May 24th, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

    Aw! I love reading baby month posts! Happy 9 Months!

  10. Christine
    May 25th, 2010 @ 5:19 am

    So sweet! Happy nine months!!

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