Can I Just Title this post "Untitled?"

There are more growing pains in the Law Momma household and they have absolutely nothing to do with J. These growing pains are creating all sorts of drama, arguments, and the always popular blame game. I’m talking about the growing pains of growing up. And they involve Husband and me. We fell into a pretty […]

Saturday Stressors

So yesterday when I picked up J from daycare, his teacher tells me that he’s moving up to the next classroom. We make small talk about what that means… he has to wear shoes, he’ll transition to sleeping on mats on the floor, he’ll eat from the kitchen at daycare instead of me bringing food… […]

Just FYI

I know that I have a very over-active imagination… but am I the only parent who worries that maybe, just maybe… my son sees dead people? I don’t know what the requirements are, but if I remember correctly, the room gets cold, right? Well, J’s room is always cold. Plus, he blows kisses to people […]

An Argument I Don’t Want to Lose

Husband and I have this running argument. It’s been going on for about a year now and I keep putting off the conclusion of it for fear of what it means. It goes a little something like this: Me: I can’t wait to see J with his little brother or sister.Husband: I’m not having any […]

This Post is Weak… like my Brain.

I’m exhausted. Well, exhausted doesn’t actually cut it. I was up all night on Sunday. Literally. At 3:30 am, J and I were snuggled up on the sofa watching “Hello, Dolly” starring Barbara Streisand … on mute. And when he finally fell asleep, after screaming for the better part of four hours, he was taking […]

The Party

This weekend was… amazing. And emotional. And, well… amazing. Both my parents and Husband’s parents were in town for J’s first birthday. I went a little crazy with the invites and would totally show them to you here, but they’re pretty much peppered with J’s name so it wasn’t an option. I digress. I went […]

My Son is One Today.

I wrote a birth story for J shortly after he was born. Rather than try and re-create how I felt right after his birth, I just put it up, verbatim. Only the names have been changed. I can’t believe my little boy is one. I can’t believe that this time last year, I was counting […]

Week One of the Pearista Challenge

To me, there is no means of corresponding that is more intimate than pen on paper. Think about it. You get hundreds of emails in a week, maybe more. You get tons of text messages. Sure, they make you smile. They say “Hey, I’m thinking about you right this second.” And that’s great. But think […]

Things I Wish My Husband Knew…

There are just some times when I’d like to throw a book at Husband. Which book I’d like to throw varies. Sometimes, it’s a small, leather-bound diary. Sometimes it’s the Holy Bible. And other times, it’s nothing more than the phone book. Today? Today I’d like to throw a special book at Husband. But first, […]

Hormonally Challenged

Everybody has off days. Days when you feel like everyone else on the planet has things SOOOOO much better than you. Days when you watch the uber thin, platinum blond secretary from across the hall fancy dance her way to her Lexus with her stupid perky boobs looking all… perky… in her designer outfit and […]

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