This is Why I Rock

So remember back when I had my first ever hearing? The day that I dropped all the exhibits in a pile on the floor and the day that I felt like a total failure at life? My old boss emailed me today with some interesting news… I won. That’s right, my superhero status just skyrocketed […]

Six Degrees of Random Whining

Yesterday was J’s first day at his new daycare. On top of everything else, of course. I *may* have cried when I left him there. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a wonderful facility… it’s just not my old daycare. It’s bigger. I don’t know the teachers. I don’t know the children. I don’t […]

Three strikes, I’m out.

I knew my string of good luck was bound to end sooner or later. I just didn’t realize it would end like this. For those of you expecting a picture of me in a bathing suit… too bad. I’m not ready for that headache. Instead, I want to share my crazy weekend with you. First, […]

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