Camp is a lot like Life….

When I was a kid, I went to camp almost every summer. I started the summer after fifth grade and continued right on up until I was a Counselor while in college. Always the same camp, usually the same people. The camp was Presbyterian Point and it was the most amazing place on the planet. […]

Welcome to the Parenthood

There is something to be said for parenthood. Well, there are a lot of things to be said about parenthood, but in particular, at two o’clock on Tuesday morning, I was up with J. He must have had a bad dream or something, who knows. All I know is he wanted to snuggle and I […]

I am a Hole-y person

Yesterday morning, after a full night of Googling horrific scenarios that started with “C” and ended with “-ancer,” I set out for my appointment with a Savannah plastic surgeon. Sadly, despite my deep and abiding hatred of all things related to my nose, I was not there for a nose job. Instead, I was there […]

Motherhood by the Numbers

Motherhood is so many wonderful things. It is giggles at bed time. It is snuggling up to someone you love more than life and reading a story. It is wrinkling up your nose at “stinky feet” shoved in your face. It is little plastic animals tucked in strange, strange places, and goldfish crackers falling out […]

It’s the Freaking Weekend, baby…

I look forward to the weekends all. week. long. As a working mother, I miss a lot of time with my son during the week. I miss lunch and nap, and most importantly, PLAY. And my son loves loves loves to play. And you know what? I love to play with my son. So while […]

Where I Blog about … The Internet (da da dummmmm)

The Internet is a dangerous place. Yes, there is the obvious crazy-eyed psychopath who preys on 12 year old girls, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what the internet does to us “normal” folk. To those of us who are just looking for a way out of the every day. Looking for […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

Every day I come home from work (obviously) and am faced with a choice. It’s like the world presents me with my very own Choose Your Own Adventure books. (side note… does anyone else remember those and if so, did you cheat like I always did?) I come home and as soon as I walk […]

We Can’t Have it All…

When I was younger, I thought that women’s liberation was all about, you know, having it all… whatever “all of it” there was. I thought it meant that I could live in the penthouse apartment in New York City and be a high-powered lawyer or doctor or businesswoman. I thought it meant that I could […]

A New Attitude

I went for a walk yesterday. And I realized mid-walk, that it is the first time I’ve gone on a walk for the sole purpose of just… walking… in a really long time. Probably since J was about three months old. That’s just sad. And that fact probably has a lot to do with how […]

I’ve been inspired by Mom In A Million

My dear friend Mom In A Million has been posting recipes on Saturday that she likes to make for her family. I have been enjoying this and Husband has REALLY enjoyed it. Last week I made him an amazing meatloaf and this week, I’m seriously considering her Chicken and Artichoke recipe. Because I’m all vegetarian […]

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