Pumpkin Kool-Aid

Posted on | September 7, 2010 | No Comments

I drank the kool-aid and it tasted like pumpkin.

Seriously. Somewhere, someone decreed that when Labor Day arrives you should do two things: 1) stop wearing white and 2) start buying pumpkin EVERYTHING.

Pumpkin coffee. Pumpkin beer. Pumpkin pumpkins.

It’s ridiculous.

Ridiculously DELICIOUS! As I write this, I am sitting in my house that smells… like pumpkin. (courtesy of Yankee Candle). I’m eating a pumpkin cookie with cinnamon icing and thinking about the pumpkin latte I had yesterday.  Honestly? I love fall like a fat kid loves cake.

I love the colors. I love the clothes. I love the smell in the air. In the south, fall smells like burning leaves with a twinge of pine. It smells a little like your grandmother’s moth ball filled closet, faintly like cedar, and a lot like what I think the color “Burnt Sienna” would smell like… you know, if it were a smell and not a Crayola crayon.

The trees all turn six shades of gold with bright highlights of auburn. Women stop trying to see who can wear the shortest shorts on the block and turn to cute flared skirts, cozy cardigans, and most importantly… boots. The nights get cooler, more people take evening walks and it makes me feel like, I don’t know, sipping tea on the back porch and chasing fireflies.


I love fall.


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