I am a weepy-eyed mess.

Posted on | September 13, 2010 | No Comments

My hormones are so out of whack I feel like a transvestite on estrogen. Or something. Seriously, I’m a walking tear factory.

I honestly don’t know what brought all this on. After J was born I started on a POP birth control. I took it religiously until we moved and then I just stopped taking it. Partly because I didn’t feel like figuring out how to switch the prescription and partly because I’ve always hated the idea of birth control. So I’ve been off the pill for around a month now. This does NOT mean that we’ve been batting without a helmet, however. So it’s not like I’m pregnant.

My body just doesn’t know whether to scratch it’s watch or wind it’s butt. I was pregnant for 9 months, then on POP pills and nursing, and now? Neither. And as a result, I’m all Cry-Cry Baby. The other day I dropped J off at daycare and another mom was there with her son. He had had surgery and she was getting one of the nurses to remove his bandage because he screamed when the mom tried to do it. He was lying on the changing table SCREAMING for his mother while the nurse removed the bandage.

The mom was standing off to the sad looking a little sad.

I was full. on. sobbing.

Not my kid, y’all. Not my kid. The mom kept looking at me and smiling and I kept apologizing, but I couldn’t stop crying. Embarassing.

Then? At church they applauded a church member who is celebrating her 99th birthday AND was at church, in her dress, and taking the stairs. What did I do?

Yep. Cried.

This has got to stop. I’m a time bomb waiting to go off. I’m one freaking Hallmark commercial away from a complete melt down. I’m that Sanjaya fan girl from American Idol.


If my “monthly mess” doesn’t mess it’s way into my world soon, I’m investing in Kleenex.


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