Adventures in Babysitting

I have a fear of babysitters. And it may be a totally irrational fear based out of too many horror stories seen on the news and on Lifetime movies. Or maybe it’s rational. I don’t know. I just know that for just over a year I have avoided leaving J with any babysitters. I’ve avoided […]


I was mortified. Never before in my life have I gone through a check out line only to find that I was totally without my debit card. Everything had been rung up. The cashier was looking at me expectantly, repeating the total… $110.49. Like saying it seven times was going to make me say “oh […]

Guest Blog: Metta1313’s 9/11 Story

When September 11 rolled around this year, I thought about my friend Metta1313 and how she once mentioned she was in New York City in 2001 when the Towers fell. As some of you know, Metta has left the blogging world for totally understandable reasons. However, she had a story to tell and one that […]

Not EXACTLY like you see on TV…

I don’t often talk a lot about work on here for several reasons: 1) I don’t want to get “Dooced”; 2) It would bore you to tears; and 3) I don’t wanna. But today? Today I’m changing that because I did something sort of unique yesterday… I had lunch at a nuclear power plant. Color […]

I am a weepy-eyed mess.

My hormones are so out of whack I feel like a transvestite on estrogen. Or something. Seriously, I’m a walking tear factory. I honestly don’t know what brought all this on. After J was born I started on a POP birth control. I took it religiously until we moved and then I just stopped taking […]

Yet another difference between the sexes…

When J wakes up in the morning and I go in to get him, he laughs and raises his arms to be picked up. When Husband goes in to get him, J looks at him for a second, then lays back down and goes to sleep. What the hell is that about?!

Never Forget…

Today is 9/11, which definitely requires more coffee than I think I have to discuss adequately. Nine years ago, the world as we Americans know it, changed forever. I will never forget that day and I’m sure that none of you will, either.I was living in Orlando, Florida, just out of college. I had a […]

Because Life is Funny Like That…

Sometimes you just have to laugh.I know this is true because it seems to be the only thing that got me through my Thursday… laughter. First, I had a doctor’s appointment where I had to show my doc this spot on my leg that had my mother in all types of panic when she saw […]

J Balboa, the Sleep-Fighter

You know how a while back J went through a phase where only Husband could get him to sleep? Let’s go back there?? Now neither of us can get him to sleep. The kicker? He sleeps perfectly well at daycare. Apparently they lay down his mat and tell him it’s time for a nap and […]

Just One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days. I got up at 6 and got ready for work. J was still sleeping so I actually had to wake him up to get him ready for “school.” My work load has been steadily picking up at the office so I needed to get there by 8 in […]

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