Sunday Sip and Speak

I’m not a good participator in all these awesome memes that run around the internet but I figured I’d start one, anyway. Because on Sunday mornings, I like to read. I like to have a cup of coffee (or three) and read something interesting. No matter the topic. So welcome… to the first (and potentially […]

Sisters, Sisters…

Most of you know, if you read this blog, that I have a sister. Not only do I have a sister, I have an awesome sister. I have a sister who makes me sad that other women don’t have sisters. She is so damn… eco-friendly. Honestly. She composts. She has chickens. She has a gigantic […]

Giving Stephen King his What For

I have an overactive imagination. Always have had. When I was a little girl, my Aunt was spending the night at our house. She got up and went downstairs and asked my mother just how many friends I had over that morning. My mother looked a little confused. “None?” She side-eyed my Aunt.“But I heard […]

Keeping up with the Parentals (or the one where I whine. Even more than normal)

When I was a kid, we never wanted for anything. That is not to say that my parents held parties where everyone came over and rolled around in money… we weren’t wealthy. We were comfortable. We had what we needed. My parents never seemed to be stressed about how to pay the doctor’s bill or […]

Mobility and the Man

Ever since J became, you know, MOBILE, my husband is having a hard time keeping up. I’m not really sure if it’s because he forgets that J can walk or just that he doesn’t want to bother himself with all that “child proofing” mumbo jumbo. Either way, I am doing more damage control than I […]

HIPAA — It’s not a female Hippopotamus

So I was waffling about whether to post about what’s going on with me because it feels weird to get that kind of personal with people I don’t know. I’m so used to the whole HIPAA guidelines and how no medical information should be revealed without written release and all that jazz. But I feel […]

(semi) Wordless Wednesday

I don’t normally participate in this kind of thing but y’all? I’m worn out. So here’s my (semi) wordless Wednesday. I dare you not to laugh… it’s what I saw when I went to wake up J this morning.  I’ll try to be back in full force tomorrow….

Just a little Rant…

As a lawyer, people expect me to know things that I don’t know. They expect me to be something or someone that I’m not. They expect that I have the inside track on politics, legal issues, and pretty much anything even remotely related to the law. And worst of all? They expect me to be […]

Gimme a break….

I’m feeling very run down these days. Not sad. Not depressed. Not necessarily exhausted… just run down. And it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, this is because for the last 14 months, I’ve been on constant alert. I haven’t taken a break. I haven’t gone on vacation. I haven’t done anything to give […]

Ripped … and not in a good way

I ripped a pair of jeans this weekend. My favorite jeans, to be exact. Ripped. In two very inappropriate places. It happened as I pulled them on, fastened them beneath my ever expanding “FUPA” (as my friend “Blair” calls it), and did the flex and stretch to make them more comfy. (You know the flex […]

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