Frayed Nerves

Our household is on edge. We tip toe around, quiet, scared, continuously on the verge of tears… just waiting. And it never keeps us waiting long. Sometimes it starts with Husband offering to read a book that was brought to me. Sometimes it starts with A.J. walking too close to breakfast food. Sometimes it just […]

Get Excited

My friend KLZ at Taming Insanity loves antler pictures. And I love KLZ, so I wanted to have some antler fun, too. J was all about the antlers. But Husband? Husband was a different story. My Christmas cheer was contagious, but it took some work…. Ultimately, he decided it was easier to just play along. […]

Friday Free for All

The following post has been edited slightly to remove any identifying information. My husband & I are mid-20s and live in a suburban area about 15 hours from my parents. We’re planing to start a family next year (thus my obsession with mom-blogs). I work full-time at a good job, but with recent changes in […]

Gift Update

Okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the suggestions. Here’s what I did:  For the low, low price of $45 total, I bought Lindor truffles in milk and dark chocolate (bonus, there are plenty left over for ME stocking stuffers), two pretty candle holder jar things (that’s the technical name), two splits of […]

Gift Givers, I need your help!

I need help. After typing that I realized it’s true in like a bazillion areas of my life. But the area I’m focusing on now is J’s pre-school and in particular, his pre-school teachers’ gifts for the holidays. I want to get something for them because, let’s face it, they have a tough gig. They […]

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons…

I took my son to the liquor store with me, today. I’m pretty sure there either is, or should be, a country song that starts or ends that way.  I felt sort of… dirty. Not to mention terrified that at any moment J was going to sweep an arm out and shatter every bottle in […]

The word of the day is…. Lost. Or Loser. Or Losing. But mostly Lost.

So I went to Magistrate court today to explore the world of auto repairs. My client, a small businessman, was super sweet. I liked him from the moment he told me, over the phone, that with his luck the plaintiff would come in represented by Johnnie Cochran. I let him know that the distinguished Mr. […]

My Favorite Things

I make no promises on having anything interesting to say today or tomorrow because, see, I’m off to Augusta today for trial and then back home. And then, oh yeah, I’m headed to Augusta again tomorrow for a deposition. So both days I’m up and out of the house by 6:30. Good times. In the […]

All the Single Mommas….

I could not be a single mother. Or at least not a single stay at home mother… this weekend nearly broke me. There was a moment, a moment I’m not proud of, where I thought “Yes. Yes, I COULD murder a girl scout if someone promised me a bottle of wine for my efforts.” What? […]

An Example of Motherhood

I did not know Elizabeth Edwards personally. I did not have any connection to her, other than an alma mater and a career choice. I don’t know about her idiosyncrasies or the things about her that drove her friends and neighbors crazy. And I’m sure she had them. I’m sure there were things about her […]

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