Riding the Crazy Train

Posted on | February 28, 2011 | 3 Comments

Beginning sometime on Saturday morning, my throat started hurting.  It was bearable but still painful.  By Saturday night, I was sick.

Like full on, up every hour in the middle of the night, can’t swallow my own spit, sick.  I can’t remember the last time I felt that crappy.  The worst part is that the party no longer stops for me when I’m sick.  Used to, I could lay on the sofa and moan and groan, maybe drink some hot tea, gargle with salt water, and watch On Demand or Lifetime.  But even though I called in sick to work,  I found myself sitting at the kitchen table trying my damnedest to focus on work.  Because my jobs don’t stop for illness.  My jobs don’t stop for anything.  It would be easier for me to lasso a cockroach than to explain to an 18 month old that Momma doesn’t feel so good.  And it’d be doubly hard to explain it to my other boss.

I went to the doctor yesterday to get a diagnosis.  He said it “might be tonsilitis,” gave me a shot, some antibiotics and a super-magic pain syrup that makes me feel all “weee” and said I’d be better soon and if not to come back. Which is awesome because I wanted to wait until soon with my neck swollen out of control and the inability to swallow. The shot  was supposed to make me feel better within fifteen minutes. After several hours of waiting, I figured I must have gotten the placebo.

By lunch time, I looked around at my wreck of a house with laundry that had to be mating because it was piling up at an astronomical rate and I figured something had to give. My dog figured that me being home  was a sure sign that he was about to be taken for a really long walk at any minute.  J knew I didn’t feel well and his way of making me feel better was to cry for me at every waking minute and beg me to hold him. And me? I wanted to pull my hair out, turn off my computer, and go comatose on some sort of narcotic.

I didn’t do that, though. I sucked it up, took another swig of my crazy juice, and got to work.  And I don’t call this stuff “crazy juice” for nothing.  It is full on C-R-A-Z-Y juice.  If I don’t stop taking it soon, I may turn into Charlie Sheen.  I had to have Husband drive me to work this morning because there was no way I was trusting myself behind the wheel of a car.  The crazy is so strong it may even be catching.  I gave J waffles for breakfast this morning with a very small bit of syrup in a ramekin for him to dip them in.  I turned my head for one second and when I looked back? My child was drinking the syrup.

Sorry ’bout that, daycare.

But on ONE plus and positive, I did walk over 3 miles this weekend which is great since I’m scheduled to run my first 5K since before pregnancy in less than two weeks.  The word “run” will be defined VERY loosely that day.

I should have probably said this at the beginning, but this post was very clearly written while ON the crazy juice. Which may be why it is all over the place. Sorry.  I’m gonna go stare at the wall now.


3 Responses to “Riding the Crazy Train”

  1. KLZ
    March 1st, 2011 @ 3:52 pm

    I think I’m in love with crazy juice. Awesome.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Jessica @ Raising an Owlet
    March 1st, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    Feel better soon, Law Momma. It’s no fun that as moms our work never stops, even when we’re sick. Thank heaven for the crazy juice!

  3. LegallyInsaneMommy
    March 1st, 2011 @ 8:57 pm

    Crazy juice = fun. sure makes those law briefs more interesting to read! Hope you feel better soon.

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