My baby is broken. He will heal, but he is broken. And the worst part is that I am broken by this, too.

I’m Common Sense challenged

I broke my hair brush. This is fairly significant in a lot of ways. First, without a hairbrush, I traditionally sport what can only be called a Medusa Bouffant. There are curls, but they do not resemble pretty curls. They’re more like the sort of curls you might see on a homeless woman who has […]

Something’s Got to Give…

I don’t know how to help my son. Tonight he felt warm so I took his temperature and it registered at 102.1.  This marks the fourth week out of the seven weeks so far in 2011 that he has spiked a fever over 101. And over 101 means no daycare. Which means either Husband or […]

Finding “Me” Time

Thanks to Crystal Light for sponsoring this post. To learn more about how Crystal Light can flavor your day with 30 refreshing flavors, visit Finding time for myself is really important to me.  And it’s something that I’ve struggled with from the very first day that my wonderful son came into my life.  How […]

An Open Letter to Teething

Dear Teething: You are the bane of my otherwise semi-happy existence.  You swoop in with your mood swings and your large angry mouth lumps and possess my child with the fury of seventeen hounds of hell.  You sit on his shoulder and whisper to him that “Mommy will like it if you kick her in the […]

Project: Me Monday

It was brought to my attention that my post last Monday seemed at odds with the title of the meme I was linking up with. And I have to say I agree.  My journey isn’t about losing weight. It isn’t about calling myself a fatty any longer, either.  This journey is about self-preservation and self-discovery. […]

Friday Free for All

I received an email asking if I was still posting other people’s words on Friday. The short answer is yes.  If you have something to say, email me. I will post them as they come in. Below is the email I received this week. I am sending hugs to you, my dear. You know who […]

The Red Dress Club – Friday Prompt

I decided to join up with the fantastic writers of The Red Dress Club in an effort to shake myself out of my writing funk and maybe remember what it means to actually… I don’t know, write? So the prompt this week was this… in 600 words or less write a piece that begins with […]

My Best Thing

I’m not sure what Husband was thinking, to be honest.  J is not even two and he is in to EVERYTHING.  And yet, this morning when he woke up, Husband allowed him to slide off the bed and onto the floor and then to leave the safety of his little nursery. Anything could have happened… […]

A Son’s Mother

I am the mother of a little boy. I’ve put a lot of thought into being the mother of a little boy, and why that differs from being the mother of a little girl.  And make no mistake, it is different. Sure, there are the obvious things like a severe lack of tea parties and […]

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