And then God was there.

I don’t normally talk about religion on here, not because I don’t have any, but because I think when you actually sit down to talk about religion, someone always gets upset.  But right now in my life, I am struggling through something bigger than me.  And I need someone and something bigger than me to […]

Pride Goes Before A Fall

This morning, I woke up in a good mood. My son slept pretty well last night and consequently, I slept pretty well.  We got up and had breakfast together and laughed so much and so often that I finally got out my camera to document how happy he was.  He let me shower in peace […]

I Am Not Strong.

I am so tired of hearing that I am strong. I know it’s what people think they need to say and what they think I need to hear.  But I don’t feel strong and no matter how many times people say it, it doesn’t sound or feel any more true.  I walk around all day […]

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