Working Woes

My son has reactive airway disease. This is a nice way of saying he probably has asthma but they don’t want to put it on his chart in case, by some miracle, he out grows it. This “diagnosis” has several fun side effects: (1) the rate for insurance on J alone is astronomical thanks to […]


My ex has been emailing. And texting.  And sometimes calling. The current topic of conversation hovers just shy of “I made a mistake, please take me back.”  He says things like “I wish I could come spend the weekend in Macon and help you with yard work” and “You’re still the person I want to […]


Around 3:00 on Friday, the mail was passed out at the office.  My boss’s secretary stepped tentatively into my office with a look of concern. “It wasn’t marked personal,” she explained, holding out the opened mail. “I wouldn’t have opened it if it said personal.” In her hand was a thick white envelope with my […]

Single Successes

Oh this week… what a turnaround!! I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that 2011 has not been heavily lauded in my household.  There’s been little more than seventeen shades of grief and heartache at every turn and if I could fast forward to January 1, 2012, I’d be a happy camper. But this week, […]

Bless this Mess

Last night I came home from work to a dirty house.  There were dishes in the sink because the dishwasher hadn’t been unloaded.  The trashcan was at the street and needed to be brought back up.  There was dog hair strewn across the hardwood floors, collecting in small little hair bunnies along the baseboards. And […]

It’s Just a Turtle…

It’s so silly. It was just a little red turtle, nothing fancy.  I think it cost less than $2 when we bought it.  We named him “Todd” because we bought him in Todd, North Carolina, at a little General Store.  I worked the summer after my second year of law school in Boone, North Carolina.  […]

Just a little ditty

In the mornings, J and I brush our teeth together.  We dance around the bathroom like crazy folk, me brushing and him basically sucking on his toothpaste.  (I do a little brushing for him after he is finished.) This morning, I tried, yet again, to teach him how to actually “brush” his own teeth.  He […]


Being a lawyer is a funny sort of job. Not funny “ha ha” just… funny.  I don’t talk a lot about being a lawyer on here because I like having a steady income and I don’t particularly want any employer to read and think “Damn, we should fire her.”  But today, I’m gonna lay it […]

A Little Bedtime Story

J is getting more aware of poop and pee these days.  When he sees me sitting on the toilet, he wants to try, too.  He’ll sit there, leaning forward, his little legs dangling, and grin up at me.  After a few moments, he’ll nod happily and announce that he’s “all done” without doing much of […]

Splitting the Seam

Had you asked me six months ago if I thought I was a smart girl, I would have told you no but I would have meant yes.  I would have rolled my eyes a little, maybe.  I would have probably made a smart aleck comment about how I was educated but not smart… but deep […]

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