The Tick of the Clock

Oh 2011. You brought me so many mixed blessings.  You broke and mended and broke and mended and broke again until I felt certain that I would never survive the onslaught of mental, physical, and emotional pain heaped on my shoulders. You made me question everything I thought I knew about every thing and every […]

This year is almost over… right?

**Streeeeeetch** I’m not sure my fingers remember how to type after such a long break! How was your Christmas? How was your Hannukah? Kwanzaa? Big plans for New Years Eve? I fully intended to write a beauty filled post about how magical Christmas was with J this year.  We drove around and looked at Christmas […]

Merry Christmas

What a difference a year can make, yeah? This time last year, I was packing and planning for a very similar trip to the one I will make this year.  We spent Christmas with my family last year, going to Christmas Eve at the church I grew up in, the church we were married in.  […]

Christmas Gifts

This is, obviously, my first Christmas as a single parent.  Because it is my first Christmas, I’m still learning the ropes… learning how to make the right choices for myself and my son.  And it’s hard.  There’s no real guidebook for how to handle divorce appropriately when kids are involved… or if there is, I […]

I’m Still a Full-Fledged Mother, Even if I Work Outside the Home…

This morning, I sat at my desk and commiserated over the telephone with a dear friend of mine who is the proud parent of a one year old.  She was talking about how hard it is now that he’s fully mobile and pining for the days when she could put him down and know he […]

Finding Christmas

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the holidays are hard as a single momma. I realized, while out shopping, that if I wanted to maintain the magic 0f Santa Claus through the years, I will have to stuff my own stocking on Christmas morning.  I realized that I will need to make […]

Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons

Lately I’ve felt pulled in so many directions that my head seems on the verge of spiraling off my neck and off into the sunset.  Everything is in disarray: my car, my house, my office, my friends; and I want to tidy it all up neatly.  I want to wrap everything in shiny red and […]

When Being a Mom Totally Rocks

I am proud of my son every day. Every day he does something else that makes me wonder how I got so lucky as to have him; every day he reminds me that I am so far beyond blessed that there isn’t even a word for it.  Don’t get me wrong, he can be rotten.  […]

Monday Morning Antics

I wrote a very sweet post last night, intended to be posted this morning for warm, fuzzy, Monday feelings. And then this morning came and I had no such warm, fuzzy feelings.  And also this morning happened and it was too much not to share with you. First, around 4:00, my son began talking in […]

Dating and the Single Mom

I’ve been struggling this week, looking for the right balance of who I’m supposed to be and who I really am. See, when you start dating again after you thought your dating life was over, there is this chasm between the person you are expected to be “on the dating scene” and the person you […]

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