Two Crazy Weeks…

Posted on | January 13, 2012 | 4 Comments

Over the course of the past two weeks, I have been in the office for approximately two full days.  The rest of my time has been spent in the car, in Atlanta, conducting hearings, attending mediations, meeting with clients or sitting through countless depositions. 

As a result of my veritable absence from the office, the stacks of paper on my desk have reached dangerous levels and I’ve had to unfortunately finally set up my iPhone to receive all of my office email.  I’ve resorted to working, GASP, at home in the mornings and evenings and have even… DOUBLE GASP… gone in to work early.  I am also QUADRUPLE GASP FOLLOWED BY CORONARY going in to the office tomorrow (yes, Saturday) to write a few briefs and respond to some motions. 

I hate working long hours.

I am an attorney who likes to get my work done between 7:30 and 5:30, Monday through Friday.  I do not mind the occasional emergency Saturday brief session or late night review of a document or two.  I do, however, mind when I am struggling to find the time to spend with my son because my brain is so wrapped up in whether I sufficiently answered Client A’s questions or remembered to file Client B’s hearing request. 

I’m worn out.

I’m frazzled.

I’m ready to spend a long, lazy day in my pjs, watching television, sipping wine and pretending that I have nothing more pressing to do than to press the buttons on my remote control, or text with my friends.  I’ve been ready for that since Wednesday.  Instead, though, I had today.  Friday the 13th.  

This morning, I had my first hearing for my current firm… my first on this side of the law.  I also had my first trip to the Bibb County jail.

Although these sound related, I promise they are not.  I was not shipped off to jail for contempt of court, though I wish I’d been allowed to bitch slap my opposing counsel with the back end of a porcupine.  Instead, I made the trek out to visit a client who has been “locked up” for allegedly defrauding the workers’ compensation system.

Let me tell you something about the jail here… it’s a scary place to visit. 

I go in, produce my bar card and drivers’ license and tell them who I want to see.  They casually tell me to take the elevator up to the second floor and walk down the hall until I see the F-wing visitation room.

What they failed to mention was that when the elevator opened on the second floor, I would be facing a totally empty, concrete slab of a hallway where every footstep echoed like I was a dead girl walking.  I finally found the visitation room, with no assistance because… there was no one anywhere on the hall.  It occurred to me, as I stood there waiting for them to bring in my client, that with the exception of the surveillance cameras that seemed to be everywhere (and hopefully were on?), I was totally alone in a facility that housed alleged criminals.  It felt surreal and a little terrifying.  My brain started jumping into crazy scenarios where the place went on lock down and people rushed down the halls and I got stuck in a room with a bunch of people who hadn’t seen a woman  in weeks and OMIGOD GET ME OUT OF HERE. 

But then my client came in and I fumbled the phone and tried to talk before my turn and had to hang up and wait for a light to come on before he could hear me and I could hear him.  In short, I became me again.  All mumbles and fumbles and crazy lawyer mumbo jumbo.  

It was a disaster that only a trip to a local cupcake place made right.  Half a tiramisu cupcake later from the delicious Amanda’s Cakery, and 11 other various flavors of cupcakes for my co-workers and all was right with the world.

For now.

But honestly? I hope I never have to go to jail again, I hope I never have a series of weeks like this again.

And mostly? I hope, hope, hope that I never spend so much time away from my blog… ever again. 🙂


4 Responses to “Two Crazy Weeks…”

  1. Madonna
    January 13th, 2012 @ 3:39 pm

    I’ve been super busy at work also and I am looking forward to one of those weekends… or at least an evening with the kiddo. It’s supposed to snow 12″ by the end of tonight, so tonight is going to be that night.

    And I relate to your “prison” story… I am an architect and have worked on a couple of prison projects. Except that I have been there when the halls were not vacant. When you don’t make eye contact. And I have my own personal body guard. It’s scary. But sometimes it’s a part of the job. Thankfully I am off from those type of projects, but it reminds me why I try to do the right thing and never end up on that side. Glad you are home safe!

  2. Tami Lynn Ross
    January 13th, 2012 @ 6:39 pm

    I heard last quarter that SCAD stands for Sleep Comes After Death… I take 4 diet cokes in the morning to get me going and 1/2 bottle of red wine at night to help me sleep… only 2 more years to go.

  3. Anonymous
    January 13th, 2012 @ 6:52 pm

    Come visit me, friend! I miss you!!!

  4. Jo
    January 13th, 2012 @ 10:07 pm

    I’m convinced jail staff don’t give a crap what happens to defense attorneys. On multiple occasions, in a maximum security prison, I found myself alone with prisoners. They had 13 doors I had to go through to get to my client and the one behind me had to lock before the next one would open – and once they actually locked me in there with a prisoner by myself! Another time I had to cross the yard full of prisoners by myself. Everyone in that facility was a violent offender. After that, I started insisting that a guard accompany me across the grounds to where I met my client. Once when I was pregnant a bunch of prisoners started cat calling truly disgusting things at me, even with the guard there. All I could think was “shut up! my baby can hear that!!!!” Walk fast, no eye contact. So glad I don’t do that work anymore.

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