I have very little to say today.  My heart is still heavy, my eyes are still full of tears.  I am still waiting. Hurt, death, and fear seem to be my new best friends and they haunt me at every corner.   Last night, I dreamed I was my 95 year old grandmother.  Someone had asked […]

Gray Days

It is a gray day in Macon. The sky is cloudy, dripping rain like the tears I’m not allowed to shed, not at work, not at home.  We made our way out of bed slowly this morning, J and I, tip-toeing through our morning quietly, wondering when the axe would fall, when the news would […]

A Fear of Dying

When I was little, I had a deep rooted fear of death.  I feared the knowing, the understanding that one day I would be without.  I feared the pain and the discomfort and the aching longing of being without life… without love.  As I grew, I learned that my death is not something to fear… […]


I’ve been swamped this week so my posts have been… sporadic.  I read something adorable on Pinterest about interviewing your kids and because J doesn’t get enough exposure on here (ha. ha. ha.) I thought I’d do that today.  This way, you can all see just how freaking adorable my child is! 🙂  Also, forgive […]

In my house, the “F” word is Finances.

I struggle with money. If you’d asked me in high school or college if I thought I’d still be living paycheck to paycheck at 34, I would have responded with a wide-eyed “I hope not!” And yet here I am, living paycheck to paycheck and hoping that no one comes along and pulls the rug […]

Emergency Contacts

Yesterday, I underwent a very minor procedure at an out-patient surgery center.  It was just an epidural steroid injection, but because I was being sedated, I had to have someone with me to drive me to and from the procedure and sit with me the entire time.  I had to have someone there in case […]

New Babies

At lunch today, I am going to visit a friend from law school.  She graduated a year behind me and is married to one of my best guy friends from the three best years of my life.  Several weeks ago, she gave birth to a brand new baby, and today I get to meet her… […]

Is the Week Over Yet?

You ever have one of those weeks where you think “I’ve had enough, thanks”? A week when, by Thursday, you’ve become a walking zombie who is going through the motions until Saturday gets here? This is one of those weeks for me. On Monday, I ended up in a three hour meeting with a client […]

The Life in the Rearview Mirror

This morning, as I waited in the drive-thru line for my ridiculously named and priced coffee, I glanced up in my rearview mirror.   Behind me, a woman sat in the driver’s seat of a pristine white Lexus SUV, running perfectly french-manicured fingers through perfectly straight, long, blonde hair.  Her face was perfectly made up, but […]


Tuesdays are “my day” at Liberating Working Moms, and because I so believe that site is worth visiting and hanging out for a while in, I’m not going to post on Tuesdays… you’ll just have to head over there to find me. 🙂 Today, I’m chatting up being a working mom to a chronically ill […]

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