Just a Week

Last night, I lay awake long after midnight.  I tossed and turned, courtesy of an over-active brain and too much Mucinex D, and I thought about everything that has changed over the last week… things she will never really know about.  I watched J’s chest rise and fall with each sleepy breath and wondered if […]

Dear Meth-Heads:

You are currently responsible for ruining my day.  I need my Mucinex D to function and yet, I can not get my Mucinex D before work because of you and other idiots using it to make drugs that might get you high but also leave pock marks on your face and ultimately kill you.  Please […]

Jesus Loves Me

I try to stay far away from the news when it’s an election year.  I don’t like campaign commercials, I hate political propaganda and I despise all the money that is wasted on attempted brain-washing of the American people.  But this GOP race has gone on so long and so noisily, that I have had […]

Surprisingly Perfect in a Not-So-Perfect Way

This morning I looked around my house, looked at the unmade bed and the borderline sick baby.  I sighed over the sink that needs bleaching and the floor that needs vacuuming.  I rolled my eyes at the hair bunnies, courtesy of my ever-shedding dog, and the Pop Tart crumbs scattered atop the sofa cushions. It […]

Getting Stuck

When I am knee-deep in work or a phone call and J want’s my attention, he works himself into a very tight space and then calls for me: “Mommy! I’m stuck! I need your help!” He’s never really stuck, he’s always quite able to get himself out of whatever situation he’s in, but he refuses […]

Goodnight, I love you.

For the better part of a year, I have woken up every morning to five simple words on my telephone: “Good Morning! I love you.” No matter what time they came in, sometimes early, sometimes late, they were always there.  Just five words. Just nineteen letters.  Just a lifeline on the days when I barely wanted […]

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