The Brutal Truth: Part Two

I never really knew how to be a wife. Finding the nuances of being friend, wife and lover didn’t come naturally to me.  My idea of “wife” didn’t comport with my idea of lover… as far as I was concerned, my parents had sex three times… my sister, me, and my brother.  Wives were not sexual.  Wives […]

The Brutal Truth: Part One

One year ago today I realized my marriage was 100%, irretrievably, never coming back together broken. “My heart is broken. My soul is wounded. My faith in other people is shaken to the core. But the human heart is resilient. The immortal soul can heal. Faith can be restored even when it is so dark […]


I have never been a fan of bugs.  I never liked bugs that fly or crawl or buzz or scuttle.  I hated ones that spin webs and ones that roll and especially ones that bit and stung.  They terrified me and I abhored them.  I appreciated their “role” in the society of earth and all that, […]

These Are the Days

At 5:00 yesterday morning, I was up making breakfast. In the corner of the living room, just next to the television, J’s little brown basket sat… full of goodies from the Easter Bunny.  The dogs yapped for breakfast and I obliged, taking the next hour as time to get ahead… ahead on laundry, ahead on […]

The Practice of Law

When I started working for a law firm in the fall of 2007, I hated my job. Let me clarify that I love love love the firm I worked for and loved the people I worked with… but I hated my job.  I felt stupid and underprepared.  I couldn’t fathom how I would ever learn […]

Super Me

For whatever reason, lately J has been really into superheroes. We don’t watch Spiderman or Batman or anything like that, but he is constantly talking about them anyway.  One of the things I did when I was desperate for time alone at work when he was out of daycare sick was download the entire first season […]

Taking Control

When I first separated from my husband, the hardest thing for me to swallow was the fact that there were people out there, there were women out there, who believed I was a terrible person.  There were people who believed him when he said I was a crappy wife and a mean woman.  There were […]


It occurred to me on Friday that I had not had any type of conversation with the Easter Bunny about what he would be bringing my child. Since I don’t have anyone in-house to keep J while I … ahem, meet, I hired a baby sitter to come on Saturday so I could have a […]

I Love This Little Guy.

Tonight, I gave J a bath.  In and of itself, I promise that is not some strange phenomenon.  But as he was splashing and playing and begging for five more minutes of play before putting on his freaking adorable Superman pajamas, I couldn’t help but think about the very first time he sat in that […]

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