Semi-Navigating The Doldrums

Posted on | May 2, 2012 | No Comments

In high school, college and even in law school, we had a Spring Break.  It fell during the period between Christmas/New Year’s Eve and Easter … a welcome breather to break up the loooooong stretch of time between, well… breaks.

Now that I’m out in “the real world” I crave a Spring Break.

This long period of time, this Doldrums of space where I work Monday through Friday week after week after week after week with nothing to look forward to except, God help me, my kid getting sick and forcing a snuggle day on the sofa?  This is just not for me.  I get antsy, y’all.  I get all stir crazy, needing a few days to cut loose and act like an idiot either with or without my kid and two days out of seven just isn’t cutting it.

Wouldn’t we all be better off in the long run if every month had a four day weekend tucked in it somewhere?  If every month we knew “It’s only three weeks until my next long break?”

Because honestly, I’ve had about enough of the monotony of getting up, cleaning poop off my child, cleaning poop off my floors, cleaning counters, cleaning up messes at work and holding clients hands for hours and hours on end.  I need a mandatory reason to kick back and enjoy a frosty beverage.  I need a freaking holiday.

This morning, Riley pooped on the floor immediately after coming inside from pooping outside.

After that, she pounced on my child, knocked him over and scratched his arm with her teeth.  He cried… so did she.

Then my child refused to get in the car unless I carried him, refused to get out of the car unless I carried him, and cried for a good thirty minutes after his teacher pried him off my leg at school, begging for me to stay or take him home because he “just want(ed) Mommy!”

Upon my arrival at work I had six messages blinking on my phone, thirty-seven emails and an hard copy inbox that looked dangerously close to toppling over.

And the sad thing is, when I leave today… this whole process, every bit of it, is going to rewind and re-start with mind-numbing repetitiveness for at least the next eight weeks.  At least.

Every time I think about that I break out in hives. 

Is there someone I can petition for a Working Mother Mandate of no more than three weeks of consecutive 5 day work weeks at a time?



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