Taking back Christianity

All my life, I have been a Christian. I was raised in a Southern Baptist church where Vacation Bible School meant memorizing Bible verses for candy and “revival” meant a new minister for a while… A new voice to stir the soul. I was taught to say yes ma’am and yes sir, to respect my […]

Toddlers without Tiaras

Mothering a toddler might be the most fun I’ve ever had. Ever. There is no other job in the world that comes with these perks. No other job where your boss asks you out of the blue, with a tilted head, if you like lions and if green ones are your favorite.  When I told J that we […]

Fence me In, Please.

Today, I am getting a fence around my back yard.  I haven’t been this excited about something since law school graduation… y’all, tomorrow morning when my puppy yelps to go out? I JUST HAVE TO OPEN THE DOOR!!  This is post-worthy on so many occasions, not the least of which is that every morning for […]

Missing the Magic

At 5:45 the puppy began to yelp and I slid out of bed and into my slippers, shuffling down the moonlit hallway to her kennel.  I clipped leashes on both dogs and stepped out into the half light of the morning, noticing that it had rained overnight.  The air had that curl of mist that […]

A Mending of Hearts

I had my first heartbreak when I was a senior in college. I remember calling and calling when it was finally over, wondering what went wrong and how to fix it… isn’t that the way with first heartbreaks? No matter what age?  Looking back, I shudder when I think about how lost I was for […]

Why I am Opposed to NC’s Amendment One

In 1958, a young woman and a young man were married in the District of Columbia.  They married and then returned home to their home state of Virginia, where they were arrested and charged with violating the “Racial Integrity Act” which prohibited a marriage between any white person and any non-white person.  The Loving’s were […]

Working in Working Out

One of the hardest things for me during and after my divorce was/is this: although some people lose weight when they are upset or depressed, I gain.  I gain… a lot.  And over the course of the last year of my marriage and first few months of my divorce, I did just that… I GAINED. […]

Semi-Navigating The Doldrums

In high school, college and even in law school, we had a Spring Break.  It fell during the period between Christmas/New Year’s Eve and Easter … a welcome breather to break up the loooooong stretch of time between, well… breaks. Now that I’m out in “the real world” I crave a Spring Break. This long […]

Age IS just a number, right?

This morning, I listened to Inner Circle on my way to work.  For those of you who can’t or won’t remember the 90s, they’re the band who sang that delightful “Sweat (a la la la la long)” song that I used to listen to on repeat with my best friend in high school.  I put […]

The Art of Saying “No”

I’ve been slack lately about posting at my third “job” over at Liberating Working Moms, but today, I finally posted!! (I’m sure my editor is thrilled with the fact that I managed to string more than two coherent sentences together… don’t get your hopes up for more than that!) And to be honest, I’ve been […]

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