Remembering… and looking forward

Tomorrow, my son and I will drive over the long, curving bridge to Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina.  We will pull into a familiar driveway, and hug the necks of oh-so-familiar family members.  And then, at some moment over the next week, two other very familiar people will arrive, with a very sweet, familiarly […]

Guest Posting

Today, I have the distinct pleasure of putting up my feet over at the Sluiter household, drinking in the Michigan sunshine alongside one of my favorite bloggers, Katie Sluiter.  Rather than bore you with a long ramble about something silly, I’ll just leave you to check me out over there and while you’re there, stop […]

What a Girl Wants

When I was a little girl, I used to cry every time I got what I wanted.  I would tell my mother to leave without me because I didn’t want to go to the store and then I would curl up on the window seat in the kitchen of our old split-level home and sob, […]

Sometimes Old Friends ARE the Best

On Saturday, an old friend from college drove down from North Carolina to visit me.  She lives in San Francisco, so we haven’t laid eyes on each other, except via Facebook, since October 13, 2007.  How do I remember that date? Easy… it was my wedding day. Well, my first wedding day… because let’s face it… […]

Text me, OK? LOL? WTH? And all that Jazz

When I was dating… the first time… if you wanted to talk to a guy, you had to call him on the phone.  It was that simple.  That was your only option.  You picked up the telephone and you dialed his number or you waited for him to call you.  And yeah, it was nerve […]

The Reality of Me

When you get to a certain age… not old enough to be “old” and still young enough to remember being truly young, you start to reflect on all the different people you’ve been in your life and how they shaped and molded and tweaked you into the person you are today.  It may come as […]

Seven Minutes

You know that moment when you realize that your life is about to drastically change in all the wrong ways? Yeah. That moment happened this weekend. For almost the entirety of J’s young life, he has been a really good kid.  He listens … pretty well.  He obeys… most of the time.  He knows right […]

Temporary Insanity

When I first got divorced, I was convinced no man would ever want me in any way ever again.  That feeling faded ever so slowly, leaving me facing the first thoughts of “dating” sometime around the three month mark.  At that point, my decision to “date” was heavily skewed towards revenge… I wanted a hotter […]

My Child Does NOT Belong on Anyone’s “Con” List

One of the hardest things to get used to, now that I’m single again, is the concept that there are men out there who will not and do not love my child.  There are men who actually think that J is a mark in the negative column of their pro/con list on me… men who […]

Second Dates and Butterflies

For my next trick, I will attempt the death defying “Having a guy over without your child knowing about it.”  It was second date time and though we batted around the idea of going out, when you “go out” as a single mom, it ends up costing everyone.  Sure he pays for the drinks and […]

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