Superheroes, Balloons, and one Kick Ass Pool

On Saturday, we celebrated J’s third birthday.  This year’s “theme” was “Superheroes” per J’s request, which sparked so many ideas in my head that I went on a Pinterest spree and started pinning possible birthday ideas back in May.   The invitations were ordered from Pear Tree Greetings and featured J’s school picture which somehow looked […]

Chasing Butterflies

Lately, I’ve been struggling with what to write and what to say here in this space I’ve created over the past two and a half years.  I’ve sat and stared at my keyboard, willing words to pour from my fingertips and dazzle you all with wit and insight.  I’ve deleted and revised and restarted and […]

Fear is a Many-headed monster

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a tentative sort of person. I keep three cars lengths between me and the car in front of me on the highway, I never ride in a car without my seat belt, and I always slow down for school zones.  I don’t participate in highly charged […]

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Boy

“We can give you something to stop the contractions and try to manually flip him over if you want,” my doctor turned his brown eyes on mine and I weighed my options.  I wanted to be able to deliver without a c-section so I reluctantly agreed. Less than an hour later I was in the […]

Embracing the Gray

“It’s foggy everywhere,” He pointed out the window with his small finger, tracing shapes against the glass.  He was right, of course, as the mist lifted off the nearby river and cloaked our town in something sweetly gray and not-quite-sinister. I’ve tried, on several occasions, to explain fog to J, but he doesn’t quite understand.  […]

To My Ex-Husband

Three years ago, I was a very pregnant, semi-married woman, living and working at a different firm right here in Macon.  Every time I climbed the spiral staircase up to my office, the HR manager and the billing rep came out and held their breath; the senior partner requested on numerous occasions that I please […]

Friday Fiction

I’m working on a little something, just some fiction that’s been trickling out of me slower than I’d like, but at least with some hint or semblance of an actual story.  So with a lot without too much trepidation, I introduce you to Kathryn Andrews who bears no resemblance to anyone I know but who […]

Encouragement in the Strangest of Places

When I got to daycare today, one of the other moms was dropping off her son.  He’s a little older than J but not by much, and they’re in the same class at school.  We made small talk about being single in Macon (she’s recently remarried) and she joked that men would be lining up […]

Discontent Lives Here

I worked a long day yesterday. It was a hard day, full of disappointments and set backs, and I left the office in a really lousy mood.  I got to daycare only to be handed two bags of dirty clothes and a conversation with his teacher about what we needed to do to work on […]

After the Storm

It’s been a whole year. Can you believe that? Can you even fathom that it’s been a full year since I sat in the half-empty Chatham County courtroom and sobbed out “yes” when my attorney asked me if my marriage was irretrievably broken? Because honestly, I can barely believe it myself. I go back and […]

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