There Are Only So Many Words for “Piss” and “Crap”

I can not get the smell of pee out of my nose or the feeling that I have poop on me somewhere out of my head.  It’s like going back in time to when I first became a mom, only so much worse. There is pee on our sofa, pee on our rug, pee on […]

Where I Admit to Drinking the Kool-Aid

I was never one to get too bogged down in office politics or high school politics or sorority, well, politics.  It’s not that I “go my own way” or anything, I just always assumed I wasn’t exactly the type to get picked first or last so I was content to reside in mediocrity when it […]

Ordinary Magic

“Thank you for making the horses, and thank you for the cows,” he turned and looked over at me, “It’s your turn now, Mommy!” I figured we were on an animal kick in our prayers so I chimed in: “And thank you for the fish.” “Yeah! And thank you for the sharks,” he was giggling […]

Moving On Up

On my way home for lunch, I made a quick call to J’s daycare to check on him.  He’s not been feeling well and I just wanted to be sure that I didn’t need to schedule an appointment for him to get to the doctor this afternoon. I knew they’d call me if anything was […]

Parenting a Toddler is a lot like… Life.

I spend most of my days in the land of threats and promises. “Don’t do that again or I will take away your pacifier.” “If you kick me one more time, we’re not HAVING a birthday party for you.” “Go clean up your toys or no afternoon snack.” These things fly out of my mouth at the speed […]

This is it, I’ve found it… I’m in Hell.

When I left J at daycare, one of the fathers held the door open for me and with a sweep of his hands, he gestured to the entire world and said “This is one of those days when I’d prefer to just stay here for the day.” Yeah. It’s totally that kind of day.  It’s a […]

Chasing Cars

We’ll do it all, everything, on our own. We don’t need anything or anyone. When I first got divorced, I would sing Snow Patrol to J as a lullaby, lying next to him, forehead to forehead, and trying not to cry.  I would watch his eye lids flutter closed as my voice cracked and broke, pooling beside of […]

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