For AJ (continued)

Because he’d had a rough start to life, AJ took a while to warm up to being part of a family.  For a long time, the only interaction he allowed me was feeding him and dragging him from under the bed to go outside for walks.  I’ll never forget taking him to my parents’ house […]

For AJ, the Greatest Dog in the World

This morning,  J and I had to walk the length of my yard to find my dog.  My sweet, almost fifteen year old baby boy, who couldn’t hear me calling him because he’s lost his hearing completely.  And the thought of him fading from me, little by little, piece by piece, is tearing me apart.  […]

Thursdays Don’t Mean Much Anymore

It’s been one of those weeks when every day I’ve thought to myself “TODAY is Thursday, right?” Only it wasn’t.   At least not until today. I don’t really know why I was so anxious for Thursday other than that it’s always not-so-secretly been my favorite day of the week, ever since college when Thursdays meant […]

Pass it On

I got an email from a former co-worker and friend this morning.  She started it off by saying it was “out of the blue” and random, but then she went on to put the biggest smile on my face. It wasn’t a long email, nothing fancy or formal.  Just an “I’m thinking of you” and […]

Liberating Working Moms: Embracing the Perks

I’m over with the lovely ladies of Liberating Working Moms today, talking about the perks of working outside the home.  Because, yeah, let’s face it… there are DEFINITELY perks.  It’s not all doom and gloom and “Bring back my baby to meeeeee.” So stop by and read what I have to say there and stay […]

The Burden of Being Honest

When I first started blogging, I was hell bent on being honest. All the time.  About everything.  I talked about depression and anxiety, about family problems, about my fears for my son and about raising him in the world.  I talked … at length… about divorce, and heart break, and anger, and rebuilding; and I […]

Get it Together

I’ve spent the last three days at home, sick as all get out, with a sick toddler.  And above all the “no sirs” and “PUT THAT DOWN” and “J, PLEASE” the one phrase that got said the most was the simply spat “Get. It. Together.” To be honest, I really don’t know which one of […]

There’s Vomit in My Hair…

Today I’m home sick with a sick kid.  So far he’s thrown up in my hair, peed on the floor, kicked me just beside my knee cap, broken the cabinet in the kitchen, and yelled the word “NO” so many times that I’m still hearing it reverberating around the room.  On top of his irritable […]


When I first started to blog, I did so to create a platform for preserving my memories about J and his life.  I wanted a place I could go back and look at, to read and remember all the silly moments of his life and the silly feelings I felt as he grew.  I wanted […]

The Terrible Threes

For the past two days, I’ve had a stranger living in my house. A small, familiar faced boy, who acts almost exactly like well… dare I say it? A toddler you read about in magazines. For most of his life, J has been relatively even tempered.  He doesn’t throw temper tantrums unless he’s really tired, […]

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