But Why?

Around 7:00 in the morning on Saturday, J entered into a new and … awesome?… phase. The “why” phase. I mean, I’ve heard people talk about kids and questions but J was never really one to ask me why when I told him to do something.  He always just bee-bopped along, doing his own thing […]


Mid-morning on Sunday, J and I went to the playground in the hopes of burning off some of the steam and energy he was smoldering through the house.  We got there to a mostly-empty park and he made a bee line for a swing and asked me to push him. Back and forth, back and […]

Bumps and Bruises

On Tuesday nights, I like to invite a couple of other moms over for dinner.  We keep it simple: spaghetti and garlic bread, sometimes a salad and sometimes dessert.  They come bearing toddlers the same age as J, and we watch as our kids run around like crazy and entertain the hell out of themselves […]

On Blogging (and stuff)

It feels like it’s been ages since I sat down and stared at the black and gray world of WordPress and my little slice of the Internet… even though it’s only been about a week.  Funny that seven days can feel like an eternity… guess that’s how the whole creation story makes the most sense? […]

Autumn Again

For the past few days, it has finally felt like Fall outside. The leaves in my yard are inexplicably on the ground when just yesterday they clothed the trees, the temperatures are sweetly jacket worthy, and the air has the unmistakeable hint of smoke, wafting from either  preliminary chimney use or burning leaves.  For some […]

Been Hit Wit a Few Shells But I Don’t Walk Wit a Limp….

You know those bobble head dolls? The ones that you just tap once but then they shake and, well, bobble, for the next hour or so? That’s how I feel right now.  I feel like I’ve just been hit one too many times and the spring at the base of my neck is stretched out […]

It’s Not Easy Being Three

You know that sound that Jim Carrey makes in Dumb and Dumber? The one that’s called the most annoying sound in the world? THAT is what my child sounds like these days. Almost constantly. Every “word” out of his mouth is drawn out into a four syllabled whine that starts in the lower octaves, races […]

Taking Care of Me

I had terrible body image in high school and I mean terrible.  I distinctly remember counting the grapes out when I packed my lunch so that I didn’t eat too many calories and looking back, I was TINY.  So one of the main things I wanted to work on when I had a child was […]

Why I’m a Crappy Parent

Yesterday afternoon, I had a chat with a fellow blogger about what horrible mothers we are.  See, I love my kid… I love him with fiery ferocity and I would throw myself in front of a train if he were in danger… but that doesn’t always translate into Gwenyth Paltrow-esque decisions around the house. Truth […]

Checking Single Off the List

When J had his surgery a few weeks back, they needed information on me before they’d take him back for the procedure.  One of the “routine” questions on the pre-op form was the formerly simple “Marital Status” question.  I say formerly simple because before I was married, I marked “single” and after I was married, […]

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