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I remember loving Halloween when I was a child, but until yesterday, I had not seen any of that same love in my child.  Sure, he let me put on his costume and parade him around the house, or school, or maybe even to one or two houses where he felt comfortable, but he’d never just thrown his arms out and embraced the whole Halloween-ness of the holiday.

Until last night.

I ducked out of work a few minutes early so I could feed the dogs, throw on jeans and tennis shoes, and make a quick dinner for us to eat.  I picked him up around 5:30 and we drove over to a friend’s house where he played and ate dinner until a third friend arrived and the three boys before us transformed into Batman, Thomas the Train, and a wild thing from Where the Wild Things Are.  Their energy bounced off the walls before they even saw the first piece of candy and they stood in a line at the door, waiting and waiting for our signal that it was finally time to head out into the night air. I’m biased, but seriously, my kid was adorable in his costume… all soft and fuzzy with horns and little black tail.  It took every ounce of control I had not to snap pictures of him constantly.

It only took one house to sell them on Halloween.  First, J just stood in front of the door and announced “Trick or Treat” as though the occupants would hear him call and know what they needed to do.  Once they learned to ring the door bell, they stood, all three of them, earnestly clutching their candy bags or buckets, faces upturned with hopeful anticipation as the door swung open.  The first smile came with the coos of “Oh how cute! Look at you guys!” and the rest came as the woman’s hand reached down into her own bucket and pulled out candy to give them. For free.  Just for being cute.

Ant that was the moment when J was all “This holiday IS THE BOMB!” He bounded off the steps with a thrown back “THANK YOU” barely audible over the rustle of his hand in the bucket, pulling out candy to show me: “This is chocolate!” “Look, mommy, a ball! A candy ball!” “Can I have this now?”

He started pointing out houses like Babe Ruth calling his shot: “There’s a house right there that might have candy!” and he had to be reminded on several occasions to wait his turn, to follow his friend’s father, and, of course, to say thank you.  We walked through the neighborhood, hitting about 8-10 houses before heading back to snuggle into the car and drive home to a reluctant bath and bed time.  And honestly, the after effects were tough… bath time was a chore, bedtime was a beast.  But the look on J’s face when he came down the first steps, his eyes shining, one hand gripping his orange bucket and the other holding up a piece of candy as if to say “LOOK AT THIS AMAZING THING I JUST DID” made it worth the headache.

Plus, there’s the fact that some people gave Skittles out for Halloween. And Momma has convinced J that he does not like Skittles.  Because they are my favorite.  So Happy freaking Halloween to me, too. 🙂


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