Horses are Scary (but not as scary cute as my kid…)

Posted on | November 14, 2012 | 1 Comment

On Friday of last week, my boss closed the office early and had all of us out to her property for a “celebration” which included catered food, bluegrass music, horseback riding and lots of wide open spaces.  J was in heaven as he pretty much thinks he “needs” a horse; I, on the other hand, was horrifically terrified as horses are gorgeous and all so long as they don’t decide to trample you to death with their heavy hoofed feet.  J wanted to ride the horses, I obviously wanted nothing to do with that idea… not me, not my child.  But I have this whole theory that kid’s should develop their own fears, so I try not to put mine on him in any way.  (Except when he tries to touch spiders and I get all  “DON’T TOUCH IT IT’S DEADLY” in a poltergeist-ish voice… but that’s just science. So I’m okay with it.)  Anyway, he loves horses and he wanted to ride them.  I didn’t want him to have more ammunition for therapy bills, so I agreed. 

Precious, right? Wanna know what is NOT precious? The same horse with ME on it.  Because I was scared but dammit, I wasn’t going to let my three year old think that there was any reason to be afraid of the animals he loved so much. (Even though there TOTALLY IS).  So I did it.  I climbed up on a palomino horse and I rode that damn thing down to the end of the lane and back.  Granted, I let someone else walk the horse there so that I wasn’t responsible for actually doing anything other than saying “You’re a good horse.  You won’t kill me today.  Good boy.” (Baby steps).

Horsewoman of the apocalypse?

Did I look like I was about to be walked to my death? Yes.  Did my kid put me to shame by gleefully yelling “YeeHaw!” with a grin while not gripping the reins with seriously white knuckles? You bet.   The thing is… I did it.  I “rode” a horse, something I haven’t done since I got the wind knocked out of me from an off a horse fall in like first grade or something at a birthday party.  And we had a really nice time out at the property.  I’m not a photographer and I’m not photogenic, so I don’t share a lot of pictures usually. But you’re “in luck” today… because my co-worker snapped some sweet shots and we look so… western… that I felt the need to share. (By “we” I mean J.  I still look like me… only scareder.)

Did your face just melt off from the cute or what?

Happy trails! Or … you know… something like that…



One Response to “Horses are Scary (but not as scary cute as my kid…)”

  1. kristinayellow
    November 15th, 2012 @ 5:01 pm

    You go Momma! It’s funny how once we are Momma’s, we suddenly have to overcome our own fears. Me–it was/is snakes…and of course, I have a daughter who adores worms and thinks snakes are just really big worms. So I’ve sucked it up and actually touched a snake at our nature museum, to show her that it’s ok as long as the snake is ok’d by an adult and that it’s not scary. Before I had DD, I couldn’t even watch a tv show where snakes were on the screen. Now I’ve touched one, well multiple snakes, and actually read books to her about them. Still hate them, still feel totally freaked out–but I did it so that she won’t have to deal with that same fear as she grows. I’m so proud of you for getting on that horse-bet he’ll have lots of great memories of that wonderful experience with you!

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