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The thing about having time off for the holidays is this… eventually it comes to an end. Eventually, you have to get up and shower and put on clothes other than pajamas that are red and white and say “HO!HO!HO!” Eventually, you have to leave the house while the sun is still stretching from slumber […]

The Christmas Story

This time of year does something to me, ever since I became a mother. I didn’t realize it until 2009, when J was just four months old, and I found myself sitting in a church pew on Christmas eve, bawling my eyes out while the minister read the Christmas Story.  All of a sudden it […]

Babies Don’t Keep

Dropping J off at school this morning was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Don’t get me wrong, I love his daycare and I know he is as safe there as he is anywhere, but oh the agony of hearing the door lock shut behind me.  The daycare has a glass front […]

Never Doubt That One Life Can Make a Difference

On Friday, I picked J up early for a trip to the doctor then took him back to work with me for the afternoon.  When the news came in about what happened in Connecticut, he was firmly ensconced in my lap, watching videos on the iPod while I sobbed quietly onto my keyboard. All day, […]

Unmasking SuperMom

On my birthday (which was Friday, in case you missed the sound of oldness), I got several “happy birthday’s” on Facebook, which, let’s face it… is the best part of Facebook.  Anyhow, two of those messages called me “supermom” and I sort of grinned about it and patted myself on the back and then moved […]

Momster and the Hi-Yah Guy

I tell my kid bedtime stories. I mean, I read them to him, too, but my favorite times are when he says “Tell me a story, Mommy” and we launch into a magical world where he and I, just the two of us, are a crime fighting team of superheros… Momster and the Hi-yah Guy.  […]

Chocolate. Sausage.

Y’all. Something AWESOME happened today. In my mailbox (yes, I check my mail in the morning), I had a package. (snicker!) See, about a week and a half ago, the lovely KLZ over at Taming Insanity, liked a picture on a delicatessen in Portland, Oregon, that makes their own salami and sausage.  For the holidays, […]

Even at Three

Sometimes, in the midst of the temper tantrums and “why’s” and craziness of three, I forget just how freaking amazing it is, too.  I mean, it’s a tough age but in between the madness there are sprinkles of so much sweetness that your heart wants to leap from your chest and do a dance all […]

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