Embracing the New Year

Posted on | January 2, 2013 | 1 Comment

There are moments in your life that stand out, for one reason or another… for good or for bad… and you can choose to ignore them or to wrap your arms around them and embrace them for exactly what they are: Part of who you are or who you’re becoming.

In the days that lead up to 2013 rolling in like a friend I never knew I needed, I spent a lot of time thinking about what 2012 meant to me and what was ahead for the coming year.  A few friends had talked last year about picking one word to sum up your year… to encapsulate all the things you wanted to do, all the pieces of you that needed tweaking.  I think I came up with a few words last year but I forgot them, probably by January 17th.  So this year I wanted to focus on one word… one small word that would help me grow as a person, one word that would help me remember what’s most important.  As I lived through the last days of 2012, through strange dates and interactions with men, I realized that there is, in fact, something very big that is missing in my life.

And it’s NOT a man.

It’ me.

So my word for 2013 is pretty simple.  It is a word to wrap around my shoulders on a cold night.  It is a word to remind me that I’m not here just for me, but for the world as a whole.  It is a word to whisper when I get frazzled or impatient or so scared of what lies ahead.  I have been struggling to remember who I am outside of J’s mom.  I have been struggling to wrap my head and heart around the person left behind after divorce, after baby, after 30.  I have been struggling to just get a handle on what I deserve, who I deserve, and what I should be doing with my life.  My struggle has left me blinded to my reality, blinded to what my heart wants, and blinded to who I truly am. Because of my struggles with those things, 2012 was a tumultuous year that left me perusing online dating profiles, going on strange dates (some good and some bad) and wondering if I really wanted or deserved any more than what was being offered by some of these men.

In 2013, I will remember that I do.  In 2013, I will remember who I am, even if I never really cared for her before.  In 2013, I will stretch my arms out wide and, well…


I will embrace my self, flaws and all.  I will embrace my community because it is where I live, where I am raising my son… and if I don’t like parts of it then it’s my job to fix them.  I will embrace my heart, even or especially when it is broken and I will embrace the idea that one person, one me, can and should make a difference in the world.

I hope that 2013 brings you every thing you need to become the you that you ought to be this year and always.

Embrace the life you’ve been given, because it doesn’t get any better without love… especially your own.

Happy New Year!



One Response to “Embracing the New Year”

  1. KeAnne
    January 3rd, 2013 @ 8:51 pm

    I love your word! Good for you! I love reading your posts and getting a glimpse into your personality and mind. You are wonderful and worth knowing and loving.

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