Calling in Sick… to life.

Today is one of those days when the only right and proper thing to do when you wake up is to pull the covers fully over your head and pretend that it’s still the weekend. Christ on a cracker, guys, I’m OVER my so-called life. My sweet, charming, adorable child has been possessed by demons […]

What Do I Stand For?

You know how you can hear a song a million times but then one morning you’re listening to it while getting ready for another day of monotony and suddenly it just… connects?  Suddenly it makes more sense than it did every other time you heard it. Suddenly the lyrics dive bomb into your consciousness and […]

Embracing the New Year

There are moments in your life that stand out, for one reason or another… for good or for bad… and you can choose to ignore them or to wrap your arms around them and embrace them for exactly what they are: Part of who you are or who you’re becoming. In the days that lead […]

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