Pinterest Parenting? Nah, I’m Good.

Posted on | February 14, 2013 | 10 Comments

I used to be one of the many:  the mom pacing the floor, totally worried people would think I’m an absentee mother, nursing my working mom guilt while I waited anxiously for the sign up sheet on this or that party to be pasted to the door so I could rush up with an eager “I WILL BRING ALL THE AWESOME IN THE WORLD BECAUSE I LOVE MY CHILD THAT MUCH AND NOTHING IS TOO GOOD FOR HIM.”

Then one day,  I realized something pretty interesting… we are all that mom. Or at least, a lot of us seem to be.  I’ve spent most of the last year watching  responses come in from parents, each one seeming to one up the other:

Mom One: “Hey thanks for the reminder…  I’ll grab a box of cupcakes!”

Mom Two: “Don’t worry, Mom One, I’ll bring homemade cupcakes! I know you’ve been slammed lately.”

Mom Three: “If it’s okay, Moms One and Two, I’ll bring my homemade cupcake making machine so the kids can watch and see it all happen.  My kids just love seeing where cupcakes come from!”

Mom Four: “You guys are all so awesome! Thanks for being great moms! But really, let me bring my hand-crafted magical unicorn that poops out homemade cupcake making machines that are so easy for the kids to use that they can just make their own sweet cupcake treats! Yay parties!”

By the end of the first day, our three and four year old kids were in line for the party of the century, with featured performances from several Grammy-nominated artists and a take home souvenir book bag stuffed with autographed Fresh Beat Band merchandise.  I mean, no … not really… but doesn’t it just start to SEEM like that? I get that we are all really proud of our abilities to do various things for our kids.  I get that we have neat Pinterest ideas and we don’t want to always be the mom who sticks lollipops on the card and forgets to sign our kid’s name on the bottom. (SHUTTUP I WAS REALLY BUSY!)  But I don’t know… I feel like it’s getting to be a bit much.

For a while, I felt guilty for always bringing “One Bite Cupcakes” for birthdays and, well, nothing for other parties unless I had time to grab a bag of Cheetos.  Then I felt bitter that I wasn’t good enough to get all of that awesome accomplished in MY spare time.  Then finally, FINALLY, I settled into the happy world of self-realization: I love my kid and I love the idea of making adorable crafts off of Pinterest to celebrate my love for my child.   But the thing is? There’s something I love more than adorable crafts …  and that is sitting my butt on the sofa after a long day of work and NOT stirring caramel or crocheting hearts.  Don’t get me wrong, there are moms who fully love to make all those goodies… but I’ve finally embraced that I’m not one of them. Even if you told me that my crafts would turn out perfectly right every time, I’d still have to admit that I’d rather spend the “crafting” time working on my comfy butt circle on my sofa. And that’s just me. It’s who I am.

So if you’re a Pinterest-crafting machine? Atta girl (or boy).  I will love seeing what you’ve put together for my three year old’s consumption, though honestly most of it is deemed “Yucky looking” and handed over to the real trash compactor in our household… me. (My thighs send a happy squish of a preemptive thank you, by the way.)

Just promise that you won’t give me the scrunched eyebrow when I roll up with my Kroger plastic bag full of pre-boxed Lightening McQueen cards with taped on suckers, mmmkay? And next time, take a backseat when the party sign up sheet comes around… we don’t all have to shine EVERY time, do we?


10 Responses to “Pinterest Parenting? Nah, I’m Good.”

  1. molly
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:29 pm

    🙂 I love you, girl.

  2. Law Momma
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:38 pm


  3. KeAnne
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:34 pm

    I like that our daycare prohibits home-made food b/c of its nut-free status. It definitely makes it easier to know I have to buy something instead of feeling like I should make it.

  4. Law Momma
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:38 pm

    Yeah… that’s a nice “Get out of crazy town free” card! 🙂

  5. Molly
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:40 pm

    I love this! Thank you! I’m also one of those anti-pinterest moms but I have extra guilt about it since I stay at home.

  6. Law Momma
    February 14th, 2013 @ 3:44 pm

    LOL! HEATHEN! 😉 It’s like a Pinte-cult or something. I’m terrified of it. Plus nothing I try to make actually looks like what it’s supposed to look like. So basically I’m bitter. 🙂

  7. pinkflipflops44
    February 14th, 2013 @ 9:59 pm

    Yup. No one cares. Not a single kid cares. Just make sure you have the coolest super hero or princess and that’s all that matters. And this preschool teacher wishes you kept all your snazzy shit at home. More problems.

  8. Law Momma
    February 15th, 2013 @ 12:02 pm

    LOL truth.

  9. Heather
    May 10th, 2013 @ 3:50 am

    Omg I was a preschool teacher before decided to be a sahm. This post is very true! When I worked there I wanted to bring everything for my son’s class and now that I’m not working I feel I should do so much more because well all that free time right? Uh no. I am also taking care of an infant who barely let’s me clean the kitchen in time to make dinner. I applaud the working moms it is not easy and I was there once. So enjoy your couch time with no guilt three year olds don’t know the difference trust me.

  10. Law Momma
    May 10th, 2013 @ 9:06 am

    So true. If you’ve got the time and talent, go for it. But me? I lack both.

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