So Much to Say

I have so much to say. I have so little time to say it in. When you think that your life is moving along at a perfect speed, something always changes. Something always takes you by surprise, changing your footsteps, changing your direction, changing your frame of mind. My frame of mind has been changed. […]

Three Days

I have to admit that I was dreading the three day weekend We had no plans, no where to go, no play dates scheduled or set up and nothing new to play with. We’re on a budget that was on its last leg so that ruled out trips to, well, anywhere that cost money, and […]

Comfortably Single

I know a lot of divorced moms. It’s a  bonus of writing about, well, BEING a divorced mom and mostly I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these amazing women and celebrating in their accomplishments post marriage.  But one of the drawbacks has been that thing that all women deal with… competition. Only with most of […]

It Really Does Hurt Me More

Lately I’ve felt a bit like a tightrope walker, balancing on the thin line that hovers between playmate and parent.  I’m tediously balanced, by virtue of being a single parent to a single child, and at any minute I feel as though I’m going to topple down into some decidedly evil pit of snakes or […]

Letting Go of Other’s Tragedies

I didn’t watch much of the news coverage of what happened in Sandy Hook.  I knew about it, but I just couldn’t watch.  And when I heard about Moore, Oklahoma, I made a similar decision. I just can’t watch. At first, I thought it was disrespectful to the grieving parents and communities.  At first I […]

Becoming Mom Material

Before, eons and eons ago when I was not someone’s mother, I thought that motherhood might not be for me.  I worried that I wouldn’t “take to it” … that I’d be bad at loving someone else the way they needed to be loved… that I’d be impatient and imprecise and in every way imperfect.  […]

I Hate Pollen. Plus Also My Dogs. (no, not really)

This pollen thing is killing me. I spent the weekend in the great outdoors, planting seeds and watering the garden I’m trying desperately not to kill.  We ate popsicles and rode bikes and walked around the neighborhood.  We picked strawberries and were chased by chickens at a local farm.  We were outside all. weekend. long. […]

I am Stronger than I Thought.

“I am stronger than I thought.” That’s what the T-shirt said, when I pulled it out of the packing envelope; the one sent to me by my sweet friend in Tennessee.  The note enclosed said it was for completing my first half marathon and there were running shoes just below the quote.  I put it […]


In 2011, my husband moved out a few weeks before Mother’s Day so technically, it was the first “holiday” I spent “alone.” I put a much smaller J in the car and drove down the street to the grocery store where I bought a balloon and flowers and chocolates for myself.  I filled the cart […]

Dancing With Myself

We were sitting at the stoplight when I looked up in my rear view mirror.  My son had been driving me absolutely crazy all morning long… one ridiculous request after another, crying, yelling, kicking… just a very three sort of day.  In the mirror, I could see the car behind me, a Caucasian couple in […]

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