On Being the Least of my Friends

I’m not good at a lot of things. There are over a billion things that other people succeed at that I struggle with every day… cartwheels, patience, losing weight, having great hair, icing a cake perfectly, FONDANT, painting, basketball, photography, talking when I’m nervous…  Tons and tons of things that I’m just not all that […]

And a Happy Mother’s Day to you…

J and I have been battling a particularly nasty brand of stomach virus that leaves us both starving and, as yet, unable to eat effectively. So we’re both exhausted and annoyed and in general ready to wipe this right out of our lives.  Last night, I decided a 6:30 bedtime was in order so we […]

Last night, I saw Time

Last night, I saw Time slipping in and out my window. My son was sleeping next to me and the sweet inhalation of his breath swirled around the room with the whirr of the ceiling fan until I almost thought I was or maybe could be asleep there beside him, stretched tight or curled loose […]

Just A Moment

We played hard all day, planting flowers, kicking soccer balls, riding bikes and racing cars. We painted pictures, drew with chalk, built cities out of colored blocks and then bowled them over with a small Avengers ball.   Lunch was had on a blanket across the floor, picnic style, as we watched his favorite cartoon and […]

Some Days…

Last night I had a babysitter so I could go out to dinner with a friend.  When I got home at 8:40, J was nearly but not-quite asleep and he bounded awake like he hadn’t seen me in days instead of hours.  It took more than an hour for him to wind down and more […]

A Lesson in Compassion

One time, when my son was only a bit younger, I took a shower and left him playing quietly with his toys.  I didn’t really think too much about it: I’m a single mom, I have to shower, and cages are frowned upon. It was only when I was out and dressed that I realized […]

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