I Miss Him Already…

Today at lunchtime, I take my child to see his grandparents. This isn’t earth shattering, as he goes to see them at least once a month. But what IS earth shattering is the fact that he goes at lunch time today, and I won’t see him again until Sunday afternoon… almost six full days later. […]

Redeeming My Time

Last night, J and I made the not-so-long journey back to church, our first Wednesday night since they came to a close in late Spring.  J loves to go because he gets to see two of his “old” friends from daycare, and I love to go because they cook dinner for my child and also […]

Where I Admit I’m Drowning. Slowly. And Without Style.

As a new mother, sleep-deprived and leaking from… let’s face it, almost EVERY orifice, I was convinced that if I could just make it through the first few months, I would find a pattern that worked for me and things would get easier.  And for a while, they did.  I became a pro at pumping […]


I’m the mom that teachers probably groan about.  Because when I take J to school or pick him up, I tend to dawdle. I linger in the classroom and answer questions, watch gymnastic moves, listen to songs or clap for dances.  I hang out on the play mat and witness the miracle of these little […]

Just Like My Mother

I have never been able to really hold a grudge against anyone.  Even people who hurt me terribly get forgiven, usually within a few days, weeks, months, or sometimes years.  So it was always really difficult for me when I would confide in my mother about some horrible thing someone had done or said because […]

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