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A few weeks ago, I was moving things around to set up a play area for C in our living room. I lifted one corner of our fairly light weight ottoman to look for something I thought was under it, and it slipped out from my hand and landed on the side of my right foot. It hurt, but I moved on.

There were things to do, you know.

I had a lot to do.

I finished the play area.

I went to work.

I did all the things I normally do with just a twinge of pain on the side of my foot. It didn’t seem worth mentioning. It was just a twinge.

So for several weeks, I made it work. I tried to stay off of it as much as I could until finally I told Banks that I thought maybe I’d bruised the bone and should see a doctor. I went this morning to the ortho and discovered a fracture to my “fifth metatarsal head” which is a fancy way of saying I broke the base of my pinky toe. I think.

I laughed a little over the PA asking if I needed pain medicine. How could I need pain medicine? I’d been walking on the same foot for several weeks without needing any. Yet as I got back to work I found my foot throbbing, as though the knowing made it worse.

It made me think about where we are as a country… this fractured state of being where everyone on the right thinks everyone on the left is out to get them and vice versa. Our country is fractured. Yet we’re moving along as though we aren’t, as though we just have twinges of pain and eventually they will heal.

But what if they don’t?

What if by ignoring the fracture, by walking through our lives as though this is just the new normal, we’re actually making it worse? What if what we need is a diagnosis… a firm understanding that yes, we are broken, so that the healing can begin?

Because right now, it feels a lot like we only think everyone else is broken. We’re not realizing that it’s all of us… every single one of us… who has to strap on a post op shoe and try to let the fracture heal.

It’s not a conservative or a liberal problem, America. It’s both.

We’re fractured.

And maybe if we admit the problem, even though it might hurt worse with recognition, we can finally start the process of healing. Otherwise?

We’re just walking around on a broken country and wondering why it hurts so bad.


2 Responses to “Fractured”

  1. Santa Claus
    January 21st, 2019 @ 6:53 pm

    As a long-standing volunteer advocate for millions of vulnerable children in dire straits, I’m taking DJT to task regarding the detrimental effects his policies are having on child health, safety, and welfare: Your assessment of fracturing is accurate and easily understood (even by children). I’m happy you’re continuing to write and share your great blog :-)}

  2. Sharon
    January 22nd, 2019 @ 11:41 am

    I’m sorry about your foot! Ouch.

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