House Hunters

I returned to work from maternity leave two Mondays ago, as luck would have it, I found a house I wanted to look at on the same day. It was for sale by owner and in the neighborhood I really hoped to be in. The back yard had a pool and the house sat on […]


“What’s wrong?” He asked, as I moped through my morning routine of layering product on my skin. “Is it work?” I shook my head. “Did I do something?” I shook my head again, answering in a small voice: “You don’t want to hear it.” He sighed. He knew what was wrong with me now… it […]

It is Good.

Somehow it gets harder to log in and write here. I don’t know if it’s maturity coupled with┬áthe fear that something I write may have negative repercussions long in the future, or if it’s just that I’m slogging through motherhood and I can’t seem to find time. Perhaps it’s a bit of both. But I […]

Getting Older

The thing about being forty is this: I don’t feel forty. Let’s face it, when we were kids and thought about the future, forty was OLD. Like full on decrepit old. By 40 there were going to be flying cars and robot butlers and we would all be living life Jetson-style in our circular glass […]

Turning 40

Yesterday, I had a cardiologist appointment. Luckily, everything is fine and I can continue living in blissful ignorance of whether or not my heart is beating. But as I sat in the waiting room, populated with people who seemed much older than me, one thing loomed over me like a black cloud. There on the […]

Building a Village

I was talking to a good friend of mine today about our town being “clique-ish.” Okay… talking is the wrong word. I was complaining. And I was complaining for the same reason most people complain: I don’t have a clique. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy, or maybe it’s because I’m mostly exhausted all the time, […]

Baby Brain

I swear I’m losing my mind. I mean… I remember being a little less together after J was born and saying stupid things and what not… but this is another level, you guys. Do you lose brain cells with each child? Am I feeding my intelligence to my child through his milk? Because I am […]

Woman in the Mirror

Maybe it’s because forty is looming close on my horizon and maybe it’s because I have two friends who are expecting little girls at the end of this year, but for whatever reason there is suddenly an unquenchable thirst in my soul for feminism the way it ought to be. I have begun to feel […]

Seven Minutes

As luck would have it, the first week of daycare for C coincides with the first week of summer camp for J. This means that I get to take C downtown to daycare then drive all the way up to north Macon to drop J off at his camp. My morning routine, which during the […]


The out of the blue reminder that there’s a tiny person in my uterus never ceases to take my breath away. Every roll and tumble, every hiccup, every karate kick to my rib cage. It’s like he reminds me every so often with a little kiss of understanding that yes, I am growing a person. […]

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