What’s Love Got to Do With It?

You may know this and you may not, but I’ve been in a relationship in my past where I was cheated on. And if you’ve ever been cheated on, you know that the memory of that heartache stays with you like a hovering cloud of distrust. When you find yourself in a stable relationship, you […]

Hey you with the new baby… you’re doing awesome.

When I was a new mom, and I mean a BRAND SPANKING NEW mom, I was convinced I was the worst mother ever to walk the planet. I just knew I was thinking all the wrong things, feeling all the wrong things, and in general doing every single thing 100% wrong. Because no one told […]

Don’t Just Make Memories… Earn them

This morning on the way to school, J was buckled into the back seat singing. He sometimes makes up songs, and sometimes mutilates songs that he’s heard before. This morning, I’m not really sure where his tune came from, but his light voice traveled up to the front seat and I had to pause to […]

This is How You Do It…

(Fist bump to Montell Jordan for the title, amiright?) Even before I became a single working mother, I always heard a lot of “I just don’t know how you do it” from women who worked from home as either a mother or an employee of this or that company. They seemed to think there was […]

Five Little Words

Yesterday, when I went to pick J up from school, his teacher met me at the door with a concerned look on her face. She motioned for J to wait inside the classroom and she pulled me aside to chat. Before she got ten seconds into the spiel I was on edge… mostly because she […]

Surviving Divorce: Part Five

One of the most important things you can do when you’re newly divorced is to look very very closely at your life.  Look at the way you interact with your ex.  Look at the way you interact with your family.  Pay close attention to how you’re defining yourself and your life.  Then turn your life […]

Surviving Divorce: Part Four

At some point during this long process, you will start to scroll down the list of contacts in your phone, wondering which one of those names would be okay with being an ear for your tears.  You will scroll through the list at least five times before you give up and cry harder, believing that […]

Surviving Divorce: Part Three

For me, one of the hardest things about losing my marriage, was the loss of my safety net.  It was as though divorce simultaneously pushed me off the tightrope and pulled free the net below me, leaving me in a free fall from which there was no escape.  I kept thinking someone would swoop in […]

Surviving Divorce: Part Two

There will be days, there are days, when the rush of emotion is absent.  There are or will be days when you feel absolutely nothing, you feel totally numb to the world around you.  There are days when you will climb out of bed but won’t feel your feet against the floor because you, quite […]

Surviving Divorce: Part One

Don’t let the title mislead you… there is no set of rules that is going to get you through what you’re facing.  There is no expert, no secret, no magic pill you can take that will make you wake up tomorrow morning and feel like you can breathe in air again without wanting to die. […]

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