It was cold in the emergency room. Not the kind of frigid that makes you uncomfortable, just the kind of cold that makes you want to take a long nap under a very warm blanket. My husband was reclined back in one of those avocado green ER chairs, with an IV in his right arm but […]

Bumps and Bruises

On Tuesday nights, I like to invite a couple of other moms over for dinner.  We keep it simple: spaghetti and garlic bread, sometimes a salad and sometimes dessert.  They come bearing toddlers the same age as J, and we watch as our kids run around like crazy and entertain the hell out of themselves […]

Us: With the World

J had his first dose of anesthesia when he was just three months old.  I remember holding him in my arms, snuggling him close, while they injected the medicine into the tiny tube attached to his forehead and swallowed down sobs as his eyes rolled back in his head and he went limp against me.  […]

Getting Stuck

When I am knee-deep in work or a phone call and J want’s my attention, he works himself into a very tight space and then calls for me: “Mommy! I’m stuck! I need your help!” He’s never really stuck, he’s always quite able to get himself out of whatever situation he’s in, but he refuses […]


Every time I sit down to write, the only words that come out of my fingers and onto the keys are… Divorce. Broken. Hurt. Alone. Afraid. And I start to think, start to wonder if maybe I talk too much, write too much, and think too much about him and the space he left behind.  […]

The Taking Away

When you get engaged, the giving begins.  As a woman, you first receive a ring and then you receive showers full of toaster ovens, china patterns, and various and assorted nicknacks.  Then you are given a party which begins with the giving of an oath and the exchanging of rings.  At the end of the […]

A Day in the Life

At 2:20 in the morning, a plaintive mourn echoes through the house “Mooooommmmmmma?” I’m up. I shuffle to the nursery to pick up J and snuggle him close to me.  “Momma bed?” He asks, his head laid against my shoulder.  Sure, kid, I’ll take you to momma’s bed… anything for sleep.  I shuffle back to my room.  Laying […]

Borrowed Time

Driving home from my first day of work, I felt like there was someone sitting in the back seat holding a ticking time bomb to the back of my head.  I could hear the ticking as clearly as if I were a child again, pressing my head to the large gold wrist watch on my […]

Being Alone

I’m scared to be alone. Not in a global, emotional way… I don’t have any problem not having a significant other.  I am scared to be alone in my house.  When I’m alone, I start to think about things that I shouldn’t think about.  I start to have dreams at night about things I don’t […]

You can call me Plumber Jane…

We moved here on Thursday of last week.  Although I had a washer and dryer in Savannah and brought them here with me, the dryer wasn’t working properly.  I went out and bought a new dryer (with money I didn’t have) and waited for it to arrive so I could begin doing the mountains of […]

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