Parenting Two

Having two kids is no joke. I feel like my life has devolved into one of those “check a box” notes with ever changing language. “What do you want to succeed at today? Parenting a baby or Parenting a 7 year old?” “Which job will you be good at today? Lawyering or mothering?” I can’t […]

Generation X-actly.

At my last job, every time I got in the car with my boss, he made a point to tell me how lazy my generation is.  He hemmed and hawed about how we wanted everything handed to us, about how we wanted the shiny silver cup full of Dom Peringnon but we didn’t want to […]

Radio Silence

Nothing’s ever easy, is it? After my rousingly upbeat post of Tuesday where I metaphorically sounded my barbaric yawp, I went on with my day.  I went home for lunch and when I came back, I was feeling a bit… woosy.  I stopped in the breakroom and talked to one of our paralegals about what […]

Is the Week Over Yet?

You ever have one of those weeks where you think “I’ve had enough, thanks”? A week when, by Thursday, you’ve become a walking zombie who is going through the motions until Saturday gets here? This is one of those weeks for me. On Monday, I ended up in a three hour meeting with a client […]

Paving a Future

Things move fast around here: time, toddler feet, swirls of emotion.  And I am running, always running, to stay ahead… of something.  I have to be one step ahead of J, one step ahead of my boss, one step ahead of the collections agents. But I can’t seem to ever get even a half step […]

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