Then Blend Well…

Lately, my dating life has felt a lot more like a cooking class. Strewn around me are all the ingredients for something wonderful but I’m having a difficult time mixing them appropriately into something that resembles delicious more than disaster. Banks and J have a good relationship. J and I have a good relationship. Banks […]

Silly Woman

This morning, the alarm went off on the opposite side of my bed and I lie there and listened as someone else slapped the snooze button. Beside me, the lanky body of my four year old son lay sprawled out between us, legs strewn across Banks, arm tucked beneath my forehead. I watched the stillness […]

Choosing Happy

When I was married, I spent a lot of time wondering why things weren’t better. I did a lot of silent judging of my husband and a lot of not-so-silent judging. I was angry and lonely and bitter and probably not that fun to be around. And I think, honestly, it’s because I just couldn’t […]

To the Shore

Last Wednesday, I packed up my car, made the semi-short drive to where Banks works and he and I headed South East to St. Simons Island for the annual workers’ compensation seminar here in Georgia. To say that I was worried about the trip was a bit of an understatement.  Last year, I went alone […]

Decidedly Messy but Oh So Happy

In the days, weeks, and months after divorce, I was convinced I was totally broken. I was ruined for all eternity, never to love again… never to be in a relationship again… never to feel that sweet rush of comfort that comes from just having someone beside you; someone who gets you, knows you, and […]

A Little Change Can be a Very Good Thing

Over the weekend, my “friend” Banks (You may remember him from my failed attempt at sending a Money Tree…) and I went out to pick up Chinese food.  We took J along, obviously, though he still refuses to eat Chinese food.  The restaurant take out put three fortune cookies in the bag and when we […]

You Give a Guy a Tree

So some of you may know this and some of you may not, but I’ve been dating some.  And also I’m a train wreck.  These two things are not mutually exclusive, though I so wish they were.  A while ago,  I got set up with a guy by mutual friends.  I won’t go in to […]

The Scar Remains

When you’ve been wounded, it takes awhile for the pain to subside.  And even when the pain is gone, a scar remains… a thin reminder of the hell you survived, a jagged line of what once was and what will be.  It never goes away, though it might fade a little with the passing of […]

Comfortably Single

I know a lot of divorced moms. It’s a  bonus of writing about, well, BEING a divorced mom and mostly I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these amazing women and celebrating in their accomplishments post marriage.  But one of the drawbacks has been that thing that all women deal with… competition. Only with most of […]

Post-Divorce Dating: How Men and Women Differ

After my last post on dating, I had a text conversation with a male friend of mine about the types of men I was choosing to date.  Let’s face it, you were all wondering, right? Wondering if my taste was irreparably flawed? Wondering if maybe I was making a conscious or unconscious choice to date […]

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