People tell you babies grow fast and that you’ll blink your eyes and they’ll be grown. But when you’re pacing the floor for the seventh sleepless night in a row with a screaming baby latched onto your breast, you find it so hard to believe. Time moves so slowly then, counted in the seconds it […]

Where I Admit to Drinking the Kool-Aid

I was never one to get too bogged down in office politics or high school politics or sorority, well, politics.  It’s not that I “go my own way” or anything, I just always assumed I wasn’t exactly the type to get picked first or last so I was content to reside in mediocrity when it […]

My Two Cents

I know I’m no where near being an “old pro” at this working mom thing, but I still feel compelled to share a little bit of what I’ve learned with some of you who might be new to the game, returning to work shortly,  or who just want to read and laugh at those of […]

Exiled from the Mom Club?

I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing anything right with this whole parenting gig. I mean, I fully understand that there are no user manuals, but how do all these other parents seem to have a leg up on me? Where are they getting their information and why aren’t they sharing? I feel like there’s […]

Let me make this about me for a minute…

First, let me just make it clear that I would chop off my left arm if it would make J feel better. (not my right, I need it, but definitely my left.) With that in mind, I don’t really want to talk about J today. I want to talk about, well… me. And how this […]

Working Mom Fail…

Yesterday was not the best day of my life. It all started with a deposition where I had to question a woman about her sex life. You don’t know me, but I can assure you that I am NOT comfortable talking about sex. With anyone. Much less a random stranger who I am forced to […]

Hello, Wits End, we meet again…

On Monday morning I called the pediatrician because J was coughing all weekend on our vacation. They told me that without a fever there wasn’t much they could do for him so I should just monitor him and call if it got worse. So I called yesterday after my second night of watching him cough […]

The word of the day is…

If my life were a Sesame Street episode, today’s letter would be “F” and the word would be “idiocy.” Seriously. Where did my brain go and why did it leave me here alone? This morning I tried desperately to open the door at daycare but my code wasn’t working. Did they kick J out? Had […]

Daycare rules

I’m in need of some practical advice. The month of February has been… lackluster. J has been sick for most of the month. In fact, this is the first week I haven’t missed any time from work due to his ear infections. So imagine how awesome it was to realize that something is … again… […]

What day is it?

Yesterday was such a Monday that I almost forgot today was Wednesday and therefore “Day I meet with Doctor to discuss Workers’ Compensation Claimant.” It caused quite a shift in what I was wearing when I realized it. I hate Tuesdays … or really any day of the week that masquerades as a Monday. It all […]

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