Snow Days

Those of you in North Carolina can understand this to an extent… think NC snow times 75. That’s what’s going on down here in good old Macon, GA. The weatherman announced today that we might get 1-3 inches of snow around lunchtime tomorrow. Dear. Lord. CALL THE NATIONAL GUARD! At 4pm today… that’s right… today… […]

Beastie Boys got NOTHING on my kid…

Last night was… phew. Where to begin. J has officially given up sleep. And I don’t mean in a cute or trendy “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn” kind of way. He just will. not. sleep. Last night we both went to bed at 8… an hour later than normal but he wasn’t having any of “Goodnight Moon” and woe […]

I love this kid!

J sure knows how to treat a lady. I have been having a semi-tough week, which should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this little slice of bitchdom regularly. There are weeks when you have it all together and everything runs smoothly. And then there are weeks like this one… where nothing seems […]

Equitable Parenting

This morning, my husband was responsible for taking J to daycare. We sat down on Monday night and came up with a plan… I’ll take J Tuesday/Thursday and pick him up Mon/Wed/Fri. Husband will take him Mon/Wed/Fri and pick him up Tues/Thurs. Yes, that’s three mornings for him and two for me and sure that […]

It’s Friday!

I don’t have much to say this morning. I have a lot to vent about, but I’m headed to Savannah this morning for a lunch meeting and deposition. Okay…. it’s not a lunch meeting. It’s a fun lunch with a law school friend. But it is a deposition. I’ll post my angry thoughts about equitable […]

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