Best and Better

Father’s Day can be tough when there’s no father around.  J and I got up on Sunday morning and tried to pretend it was just any other day.  About mid-way through a cartoon, he looked at me and said: “Mason’s daddy lives in his house with him.” I nodded. “That’s a special treat for Mason,” […]

The Scar Remains

When you’ve been wounded, it takes awhile for the pain to subside.  And even when the pain is gone, a scar remains… a thin reminder of the hell you survived, a jagged line of what once was and what will be.  It never goes away, though it might fade a little with the passing of […]

I am Stronger than I Thought.

“I am stronger than I thought.” That’s what the T-shirt said, when I pulled it out of the packing envelope; the one sent to me by my sweet friend in Tennessee.  The note enclosed said it was for completing my first half marathon and there were running shoes just below the quote.  I put it […]


In 2011, my husband moved out a few weeks before Mother’s Day so technically, it was the first “holiday” I spent “alone.” I put a much smaller J in the car and drove down the street to the grocery store where I bought a balloon and flowers and chocolates for myself.  I filled the cart […]

Just A Moment

We played hard all day, planting flowers, kicking soccer balls, riding bikes and racing cars. We painted pictures, drew with chalk, built cities out of colored blocks and then bowled them over with a small Avengers ball.   Lunch was had on a blanket across the floor, picnic style, as we watched his favorite cartoon and […]

The Keeper

When I first found out I was getting divorced, I spent many hours listening to Coldplay’s “Fix You” and “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.  I would just sit and stare at the wall, letting my parents care for J and just listen, choking on my tears.  I must have played both of those songs at […]

Children Do Better With Parents Who Get It Together

There’s a billboard just outside my town and coincidentally, I pass it every time I take J to meet up with his grandparents for his visitation weekends with his father.  It sits on the left-hand side of the road, so I only see it on my way up, never on my way back.  You’d think […]

Post-Divorce Dating: How Men and Women Differ

After my last post on dating, I had a text conversation with a male friend of mine about the types of men I was choosing to date.  Let’s face it, you were all wondering, right? Wondering if my taste was irreparably flawed? Wondering if maybe I was making a conscious or unconscious choice to date […]

The Real “Me”

Thanksgiving is my ex’s holiday with J.  Four long days without my son… four short days to go out, drink wine, and be a single woman without even thinking about the fact that I have a child. HA! These weekends apart are the hardest part of divorce, to me: the seconds, minutes, hours and days […]

Surviving Divorce: Part Five

One of the most important things you can do when you’re newly divorced is to look very very closely at your life.  Look at the way you interact with your ex.  Look at the way you interact with your family.  Pay close attention to how you’re defining yourself and your life.  Then turn your life […]

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