“Diet” is a Four Letter Word

All my life, it seems, I’ve been telling people I’m on a diet. In high school, I counted out how many grapes I could eat and not go over my calorie limit. In college, I took appetite suppressants and “yoga-ed” like a crazy lady. I was always counting and measuring and denying and starving myself […]

Forty Days

Not so technically, “Fat Tuesday” is all about stuffing your face.  It’s the most American of all the not really American holidays… a symphony of gluttony before the fasting of Lent. I grew up Southern Baptist, so Lent was something that other people did… you know, the ::whispers:: Catholics. But as I got older, I […]

Embracing the Moments I Have

When I first became a mom, I had visions of grandeur: there would be epic vacations, tea parties, forts in the living room.  We would play freeze tag in the front yard and hide and seek in the back.  We would snuggle up at night and read book after book after book.  I would spend […]

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