A Hopeful Beginning

For all my “it’s just a tick of a clock,” somewhere deep down, I think I expected magic with the dawn of 2012.  Let’s face it, 2011 wasn’t a banner year in my household.  I don’t know what I wanted to happen, but greeting the day with ever-increasing back pain, a toddler who prefers to […]


When Linda moved in to the white two story house off of a busy street in Greensboro, North Carolina, she certainly didn’t expect that her entire life would change.  She and her husband were just looking for a place to call home, a place to raise a family and grow roots.  What she found instead, […]

An Apology and a Lesson Learned

Earlier today, I posted about “Working woes.” And one of my favorite readers/commenters/twitter friends made an off-hand comment that it was part of being a grown-up…. and ohmigosh did that rub me the wrong way. When I first read it, I was all “what-EVER.” But I kept coming back to that comment. I kept reading […]

Breakfast with J

J didn’t sleep well last night and neither did I.  Granted, Husband took care of J all night, but I kept waking up hearing either J crying or weird sounds from my dreams.  At one point, I was convinced I heard a woman screaming as though she were being attacked.  I jumped out of bed […]

Decisions, Decisions

I have a lot of decisions to make. As the year comes to a close, I have to make some difficult decisions about where my life is heading and where my career is heading. And I don’t know how to make those decisions. Because when I went to law school, I wanted to be this […]

North Carolina Recap

I haven’t really shared how … awesome… my trip to North Carolina really was. Sure, the drive up was horrible. And yes, J didn’t sleep as well as I’d hoped, but overall it was a fantastic trip. We spent the first few days in Greensboro and the last two in Charlotte. So basically half my […]

Happy Easter!

Today I’m spending time with this guy rather than blog. Happy Easter, everybody!

Good Friday Faves — Guest Blogger Mandy from Harper’s Happenings

As if I haven’t already gone completely gaga over Mandy on previous blogs, let me just tell you that she has one of the cutest kids… EVER. Seriously. She’s freaking adorable. And Mandy? Well she’s super cool, super funny, super pretty and well… I should totally hate her for having her stuff so together that […]

Family Outing Success

Last night, Husband and I took J out for a family outing. I’ll admit that I was not optimistic. J decided against his afternoon nap which had me wondering if we should even attempt leaving the house. But Husband and I had been looking forward to going out so we decided to brave it. One […]

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