Grown Up, Party of Me

When I was a kid, I wasn’t one of those who desperately wanted to grow up. In fact, if anything, I was a little too Peter Pan-ish. I worried a lot about getting older and having to be a grown up… you know, until I was about 13 and decided I basically WAS a grown […]

Treasure the Need

Last week, I was at my wits end with my son. He was acting out and being four and in general driving me crazy. I felt like I was never, ever going to escape the madness of him… the angst-ridden, “potty word” filled, whirling dervish of his attitude. He was just so… four. He woke […]


Yesterday I left work to that uniquely Spring smell… the rustic, earthy, pulling of rain down from the sky. You know the smell, right? That seasonal thickness in the air so heavy that you feel like you are just swimming in the raw dirt of the earth. It’s one of my favorite smells even though […]

Any Minute Now…

Last night, my mother told me that a childhood friend’s sister had surgery on Monday for breast cancer. As the words bounced around in my brain, I thought about girl scouts and soccer games and late night slumber parties. I thought about her and my sister having birthdays close together and remembered ski trips and […]

Calling in Sick… to life.

Today is one of those days when the only right and proper thing to do when you wake up is to pull the covers fully over your head and pretend that it’s still the weekend. Christ on a cracker, guys, I’m OVER my so-called life. My sweet, charming, adorable child has been possessed by demons […]

The Importance of Being Small

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of changing the world. I thought that to really change the world, I had to be really big, really effing important… a politician, a famous actress, a television personality.  I looked at the people around me who were content to be “small” and I wondered what was […]

Age IS just a number, right?

This morning, I listened to Inner Circle on my way to work.  For those of you who can’t or won’t remember the 90s, they’re the band who sang that delightful “Sweat (a la la la la long)” song that I used to listen to on repeat with my best friend in high school.  I put […]

An Apology and a Lesson Learned

Earlier today, I posted about “Working woes.” And one of my favorite readers/commenters/twitter friends made an off-hand comment that it was part of being a grown-up…. and ohmigosh did that rub me the wrong way. When I first read it, I was all “what-EVER.” But I kept coming back to that comment. I kept reading […]


This morning, my son cried because I would not let him drive my car.  And although I realize that sixteen and driving cars is a lifetime away, I also realized that my son is not-slowly-enough moving away from the land of baby.  I can still cradle him in my arms, much like I did when […]

Growing Pains

It is very hard for me to believe that my son is going to be one in less than a week. He is certainly doing his best to convince me… just last week he started calling everything “Banana” and then last night he took off and walked across the room to me. His baby talk […]

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