Everyone has their demons. For some, it’s drugs; for others alcohol. Some people fight demons of anorexia or bulimia, some fight the demons of poverty or depression. Among the many, and yes… I said many, demons that I fight on a regular basis, the most ferocious of all is the one who hovers over me, […]

Love is Not Blind

One of my friends was telling me about a guy she knows who is in the process of buying a ring for his girlfriend. She isn’t a fan of the girl and was talking about how all he sees is what she looks like and not who she really is. At one point I commented […]

Halloween: A Scary Story

My Facebook this morning is cloaked in perfectly carved pumpkins, perfectly costumed babies, adorably smiling children in matching shirts or outfits, and the faint smell of “Dude, I rocked Halloween, see?” On my page, you will see nothing. That’s because we carved pumpkins like three weeks ago, put them on the porch because that’s where […]

But What About AFTER Potty Training…

When I was newly single, I remember saying to my mother: “Well, one good thing is that my toilet is invariably MUCH cleaner now without having a man in the house.” She sort of snickered a little, in a “just you wait” kind of way, and voiced a half-hearted agreement. And then J got potty […]

When it Rains…

I had a pretty rough weekend, I’m not gonna lie. Yes, it was my kid free weekend, but I’d initially had big plans for a weekend getaway and they sort of disintegrated and left me bummed and, well… pissed off about it. Yesterday I got up determined to bring the sunshine back in my life […]

Boys Will Be Boys

One of the things I wanted to be sure to do with J while he was young was instill in him the importance of believing in something bigger than him.  As a result, once we got back to Macon, we started going to Wednesday night supper at a local church.  Two of his friends from […]

Becoming a Mom

When J was about four months old, I took him with me to a UNC Alumni function at a sports bar.  At one point during the game, he spit his pacifier out and it bounced out of the stroller and down onto the dirty floor of the bar. I immediately picked it up, handed it […]

Discontent Lives Here

I worked a long day yesterday. It was a hard day, full of disappointments and set backs, and I left the office in a really lousy mood.  I got to daycare only to be handed two bags of dirty clothes and a conversation with his teacher about what we needed to do to work on […]

A Time To Fly

Friday usually means a day of anticipation for the weekend, a day of wrapping up things around the office and preparing for the week ahead.  Friday usually means… relief. But this Friday is a little different.  There is relief, but it is a bittersweet, birdsong of release rather than the mundane cycle of another work […]


I’m frazzled. Yesterday was such a tough day at the office that I was frustrated when I picked my child up from daycare.  He wandered over to me, clutching an ice-filled glove to his head, and explained that one of the other kids threw a train at his head.  He had a giant purple lump just […]

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